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  1. J

    Roll call!

    Who still plays? Who still uses a ToJ tag and what names do you play under? I'm beginning to feel quite lonely all alone.
  2. J

    Patch 3369 released!

    Here you will find download links, and if you scroll further, my review of the latest patch:
  3. J

    Where's our pub server?

    I can't seem to find it anymore; I was trying to give it out on the Atari forums. :confused:
  4. J

    I'm back, sort of...

    Just got my life re-ordered after being without power for a week (thanks Wilma). And I am paying UT on-and-off... Just wanted to let you all know that I have changed my game-name because too many people were using "James" and it was becomming confusing. I now play under the name: «toj»Rädiål
  5. J

    Good and bad

    I have some good and bad news regarding UT 2004 and myself. The good news is that I have a large influx of students on the horizon who will be attending my classes; something I have been praying very much for, so praise the Lord for that! :D :cool: The bad news is despite the fact...
  6. J

    It's dead Jim!

    My controller bit the dust last night. :( Looks like I will be out of commission until I can find a suitable replacement. Maybe the Lord is trying to tell me something...
  7. J

    Change Onslaught Server to TAM

    In my humble opinion, not only is Team Arena Master more fun and faster paced, but unlike Onslaught TAM will actually help make you a better player (Onslaught will make you worse because it's slower and you tend to use vehicles as a crutch). So I propose changing the Onslaught server to TAM...
  8. J

    UT2K4 Cache + conflicts

    Here's a rather annoying snafu I have discovered recently, hopefully someone can help me. I recently cleaned my UT2004 Cache folder because it was getting quite large and filled with stuff I will never need. Now I want to view some demos that I recorded earlier, but I can't because of some...
  9. J

    Gameplay demos

    I recorded two demos.. one of some random 1on1, and one of me on a public TDM server. Those who have more experience than me can watch and give me pointers. Those who are less experienced than  me can atch and pick up some tips. The most important reason to watch these: Learn my style of play...
  10. J

    Practice server

    I looked and looked for a server that matches the settings of the TWL, and I couldn't find one. So earlier today, I took one of my spare computers and transformed it into a mini UT2004 server and configured it exactly the way TeamWarfare specifies. It's not very powerful, but it should provide...
  11. J

    Optical vs Ball Mice

    I was playing today and I realized (seriously never realized it before) that when I would make fast moions with my optical mouse, not only would it not recognize the movement, but it would point me straight down looking at the floor! Then I tried experimenting my making fast motions in Windows...
  12. J

    I'm baaaaack!

    Just letting you all know I'm back and will be playing again assuming people still play. When I took a vacation from UT no-one was playing on the server, is that still the case?
  13. J

    Update on me.

    I will not be around here for a while. We are bearing down for hurricane Frances, and the tropical storm following in it's wake. God willing, even if the hurricane misses our neighborhood (I was unable to get any wood or shutters, so my house is completely unprotected), I will be busy teaching...
  14. J

    Promise Keepers Conference

    I am going to the conference in Orlando, anyone else? I expect a great time of learning, worship and fun.
  15. J

    Why Judah?

    I was just curious why the clan is called "Tribe of Judah" instead of something more obvious like "Tribe of Jesus" or "Tribe of Christ"... Is there some meaning behind it as I suspect there is?
  16. J

    With God all things are possible

    My seocnd time playing this mod
  17. J

    When do you all play

    List the times you play so we can all get together and clan a server. As a side note maybe we can each chip in a few bucks and rent an exclusive server for a month at least.
  18. J

    Who plays these and where?

    UT 2004, Quake 3, Earth2150 Those are the only games I play. And I would like to get together sometime next week. This week I'm completely preoccupied with the tournament and hopefully the Holy Spirit will open some witnessing doors for me while I am there. (pray for that please BTW). Anyway...
  19. J

    For the record...

    I would just like to point out that I have no affiliation with "WordyJames". He is not me and I am not him, and I hereby seperate myself from any and all of his comments. Thank you.
  20. J

    My Opportunity

    The Lord has openned a door for me to minister at a local church (info on my website). Tonight I will be doing a wheelchair martial arts demonstration at a local church and speaking to the youth. I am pretty nervous, but I know the Lord is behind it. I'll let you all know how it goes. Pray...