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  1. rizz

    Hi Guys

    Just passing by, thought of you guys the other day when Kidan added me on Linkedin. I remember the good old days of PC gaming and the great trip over to the USA to meet Tek/Elihu and other great guys. Its been a good 10 years i think, my life is nothing like what it was then. I hardly game...
  2. rizz

    Best online game to get for ToJ

    I am currently bashing my way through Prince of Persia, whats the best game to get after for playing online with you guys?
  3. rizz

    Free Webhosting

    Since purefun went zombie i have been without a website. Can anyone suggest a good free webshost i can use since the last time i used one it was yahoo My site is just HTML and a bit of script. Size <10mb
  4. rizz

    ps3 GHWT LAN options

    Anyone able to tech help me... Both me and my brother have Guitar Hero WT for ps3 with the full band kit. Our aim is to have 8 player band vs band over an offline connection. Currently all i can find is that online is supported but offline is not. Is there any way i can set this up without...
  5. rizz

    A sad request

    Anyone out there with a PS3 and street fighter 4? If so fancy doing some trophy-laming? Letting me wint 10 ranked matches and vice versa since whenever i go online i get put against the hardcore japanese teenager who has unlocked everything on impossible difficulty and i get beat around on...
  6. rizz


    Just got a beta key :D booyah !
  7. rizz

    Playstation Home

    Is anyone even bothering with this... I managed to get on yesterday and went to the cinema to look at the Watchmen Trailer which was kinda cool but i imagine it can get really old really fast without a set of friends online also. Plus the connection errors (C-931, C-991, etc etc..) I am...
  8. rizz

    The official LittleBigPlanet thread..

    Ok, so i thought i would create a thread for people to share info, help, requests, times online etc... Here's my startrs for 10... - I need someone to help me get 100% in the Mines and the Caverns (having done all up to that point. - I just cant get past the (assumed) second to last level...
  9. rizz

    Request - Raffle Tickets.

    I have a task for someone who is good with MS Word/Excel/Etc... Objective: To produce a raffle ticket linked to a database Method: Template made in Word or similar. Linked to Excel spreadsheet or Access database using field controls. Design: To be done by myself based on the creator's...
  10. rizz

    Playstation 3 - PSN Nickname

    Please post your PSN nickname here so that all ToJ members can connect it up. Mine --> Rizzrat
  11. rizz

    LittleBigPlanet delayed

  12. rizz

    I got a PS3

    Although if the guy who promises to buy my Wii runs away then i may have to eat it or burn it for heat. Not sure how the friends thing works but my login name is Rizzrat or you can find me via my email addy.
  13. rizz

    For discussion - Console wars

    Ok, looking for some advice on consoles. Providing i have some spare cash at xmas i will be looking to expand my console collection by adding a PS3 or an Xbox 360... Now there are currently one plus point for each... - Xbox is £100 - £140 cheaper for a base unit - PS3 has no online charges So...
  14. rizz

    Everything is free

    I thought a good idea would be to post information about free online/offline games. There are a number of FPS/RTS/RPG titles that are totally free to play and ToJ can get involved in all of them (even if just casually).. So please post any games you know of here. Quakelive (beta) -...
  15. rizz


    The UT2004 server is equipped with Freon which is like q3-freezetag.. i love it !! Is there any way i can play it offline against bots?
  16. rizz

    Watchmen, will you watch-it

    Providing the Fox legal battle ends and we see the release of Watchmen in march 09... who is going to see it.. I guess peopel fall into three categories here. 1. People who have no idea what it is 2. People who know what it is 3. Super geek robots who spend all hours of the day creating...
  17. rizz

    My Job

    Our company just announced that it will be getting rid of 30 people. So in 30 days i could be without a job :( I would appreciate your support, and if i lose my job... you can probably pay me $10 to dance for you or something
  18. rizz

    A quick note for all you political activists.

    Good morning people, I am just writing a quick post since i woke up this morning to see a huge number of political threads (and about as many infraction reports!) in my new posts. Having political debate is not against the TOS, but i do ask that while you may be passionate about something...
  19. rizz

    UT2k4 preparation

    Ok i ordered it and will have it soon. I am downloading the ToJ map pack and also the patch 3369. Is there anything else i need? Whats the usual binds/configs you guys use? Do we have any ToJ specific stuff?
  20. rizz

    Which is your favourite new wallpaper?

    Just gathering feedback :) (i might make another one if anyone has any ideas?)