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  1. Sambosoul

    Introducing Redeemed's new Guild Leader, Lethalon!

    WHY?!.... would you let Cryo hold the keys...
  2. Sambosoul

    Redeemed 2014

    This is grand news! The Flame has returned!
  3. Sambosoul

    Mote of Flame

    Yay!!! Way to go Flame!
  4. Sambosoul

    Sandstone Drake

    Nah... I bought them on the AH
  5. Sambosoul

    Leveling Jewelcrafter

    Make sure to check this out after he's leveled all the way. I made a TON of gold doing this.
  6. Sambosoul

    Sandstone Drake

    I have 2 on my account I think...
  7. Sambosoul

    Recommendations for free program to rip audio CDs?

    There's probably going to be a variety of programs suggested, but it's not so much the program you use, it's the bit rate you convert to. Windows Media player will work just fine. The higher the bit rate you convert to, the wider the frequency range you'll get out of the audio. For most...
  8. Sambosoul

    Answered Prayer

    I finally have a job! I'm the new Worship leader/director/pastor at a church in the area. It's a plant so it's gonna be an interesting next few years, but God has been faithful even when I started losing hope.
  9. Sambosoul


    Wow! Makes me want to buy a Volvo!
  10. Sambosoul

    Dungeon Defenders?

    Just bought this for PC. Been playing it on PS3 for a while now. Convinced my other friends to go PC I think. Also if you don't have the base game, it's on sale until next week. How do I become a part of the group on Steam? Haven't really used it much.
  11. Sambosoul

    Prayer Requests

    The day is here! At 7pm today I will be auditioning for a worship position. I've put together a solid group of musicians and we're sounding great! Please pray that glorifying God would be my focus. Thanks!
  12. Sambosoul

    Lookie who I met at the movies...

    I have no clue who that is...
  13. Sambosoul

    It's been fun!

    I used dominoes. The black area is cbh viewport. It's kinda buggy right now though.
  14. Sambosoul


    I'm with Blu. Don't let it control so much of you. There are far more important things than girls at this stage in your life.
  15. Sambosoul

    It's been fun!

    I actually do not have my own blog about it. Ech does. But I am a part of his podcast. I've played many other mmo's and based on pure game play and atmosphere. WoW is gonna have to get moving on Titan... like fast. Also Mordos, that's a night elf mage! It's everything you've ever wanted!
  16. Sambosoul

    It's been fun!

    Hopefully the next event will be soon.
  17. Sambosoul

    It's been fun!

    Hey Guys! It's been a fun 6ish years with you all. I played GW2 all weekend and I have to say that I'm hooked. I'll still be hanging around the forums every now and then but you probably won't see me in WoW anymore. My time here has been a blessing. Redeemed has been through a lot over the time...
  18. Sambosoul

    Prayer Requests

    Well first a praise. I've moved on to the next step in the process! Now I just need to show the Church Plant that I am an able worship leader. I've been trying to put a band together quickly. Please pray that I would be able to find a band that will meld together and that I would lead skillfully...
  19. Sambosoul

    Diablo 3

    I had an issue with that too. I uninstalled the launcher and re-downloaded. Works fine for me now.