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  1. talioth

    Question about raiding with Redeemed

    And I am just along for the ride. Mage DK and priest available but i would need a week or so to get them raid ready. Paladin/warrior/warlock/druid available for xfer only if they are severly needed.
  2. talioth

    Unholy DPS and you

    Why spec Unholy when you could go Blood which currently holds superior single target sustained dps, superior single target burst, Hysteria, and Abomination's Might to its name? Why spec Unholy when you could go Frost which now holds equivalent (if not superior) single target sustained dps...
  3. talioth

    Death Knight Help

    the army will only make him bounce like that at the start if the tank is doing the same level of threat. in all actuality, without their taunt holding aggro over the army will be easier than holding over a dps that is opening. unless the dk runs in before the tank and causes his army to leap in...
  4. talioth

    DK cooldown guide

    I've been getting a lot of Questions concerning proper use of Unholy cd's lately. So here is a guideline that can also apply to DRW as blood. As an Unholy DK, you only have two cooldowns - Army of the Dead and Summon Gargoyle. Maximizing their use is essential to maximizing one’s dps...
  5. talioth

    Grats to Redeemed!

    And grats to proudfoot on his new axe and Nazereth on his staff. Your heart may start beating again naz lol
  6. talioth

    Druid healing

    Woot # 31 on server for alliance + healing
  7. talioth

    Farewell for now

    Me miss my proud... lots
  8. talioth

    hunter help

    Well balance is the key essentially. I just intended that stacking all out haste is not the end all dps solution. though with the changes to haste you may be correct. I'm a bit rusty does the new haste mechanics affect channell shots now? or is that simply a spell cast mechanic? Ah n/m i see...
  9. talioth

    hunter help

    simple explanation being speed increase= shot rotation loss. While it seems nice to have your speed increased the ability to weave in other shots provides much larger dps increases to the uncontrollable at.sp procs. Hunters used to believe the T2.5 bonus on reduced rapid fire combined with...
  10. talioth

    Druids (The greatest class on any game)

    Druids are not priests. Druids are greater, druids are lesser. Druids are... quite simply druids. We have strengths no priest will ever possess and at the same time we have weaknesses unkown to priests. Druids are... different... Sticking with the healing side of the furry house...
  11. talioth

    The Great Big I am Attuned Thread

    Wulf as you know meets and has been running 1384+heal 7k hp self buffed also my rogue gin is now attuned 7914 hp 1313 atp