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  1. Prophet Elhanan

    Welcome back Abba

    It was horrible Abba! You were gone and the city needed you! We lost LA b/c you weren't around... So much death. :( j/k Glad to have you back Abba. You didn't miss much. Just a destroyed city, crazy plant lady's back story, waking an elder dragon, a lesbian "love" story, and some ghost. You...
  2. Prophet Elhanan

    Roll Call

    My character name is Elhanan in Nuia (West). :)
  3. Prophet Elhanan

    WE WILL BE ON NAIMA server!!!

    For a minute I thought we would be on Tahyang on the West. I really didn't want to have 4 characters split between the two factions on the same server. :) Yeah Naima! :D :D :D
  4. Prophet Elhanan

    Account got hacked

    Praying for you Waynos. If they aren't able to get things straight maybe we can host a guild event to help build you back up to close to where you were. Out of curiosity do you post on the official forums. I'm curious b/c I've noticed a HUGE increase in gold spamming when I do and have heard...
  5. Prophet Elhanan

    Wardrobe Cost

    My Sylvari Ranger does love that medium armor. :D
  6. Prophet Elhanan

    Wardrobe Cost

    The first one is for Transmutation Stones. The cost to transmute a single piece of armor is going to be 3 gold 6 silver if using Transmutation Crystals 200 gems = 5 Transmutation Crystals 1 Transmutation Crystal= 40 Gems 1 Wardrobe Charge = 1 Transmutation Crystal(or 40 Gems) 1 Wardrobe Charge...
  7. Prophet Elhanan

    Wardrobe Cost

    The cost to transmute a single piece of armor is going to be 7 gold. 125 gems = 5 Transmutation Stone 1 Transmutation Stone = 25 Gems 1 Wardrobe Charge = 3 Transmutation Stones (or 75 Gems) 1 Wardrobe Charge = 7 gold So to change your entire outfit will cost you 42 gold each time. O_O My math...
  8. Prophet Elhanan

    100% World Completion

    Thanks Abba! :) Sure thing. What zones are they?
  9. Prophet Elhanan

    Can my system run GW 2 Ok?

    This is what I normally use to check if our comps here will run a game before I buy it. Really easy to use too.
  10. Prophet Elhanan

    Destroyers Inbound

    Then again maybe not: But this looks awesome!
  11. Prophet Elhanan

    Destroyers Inbound

    "I can't wait until you guys find out what's in store this year. People are going to die with excitement/shock :D " "Oh not [an expansion] at all. Better than that!" -Lewis B.
  12. Prophet Elhanan

    Destroyers Inbound

    Thump, Thump. Time to jump. Wipe all resistance from your mind There’s a secret deep below to find If you’d only seen the things I’ve seen You’d wake up screaming from The Dream This next part will sting, but it brings me joy Sometimes to change you must destroy A fire is rising you...
  13. Prophet Elhanan

    WvW - Warrior Builds

    Oh man, I was hoping to avoid that approach. I tried a bit of that with my Ele and it gets expensive trying out different gear. I do have a good hammer and may try running that 2nd one you sent though. Looks pretty cool. ty :)
  14. Prophet Elhanan

    Collaborative Christian WvW Guild

    I love this idea. :D
  15. Prophet Elhanan

    100% World Completion

    I finally got it! Dang WvW slowed me down big time. Thank God the maps rotated. :)
  16. Prophet Elhanan

    WvW - Warrior Builds

    I've recently started playing WvW again after finishing all the PvE maps to 100%. However, I've learned the hard way my PvE build doesn't work in WvW. Could someone suggest a good build for a Norn Warrior? I find myself either running solo or in groups of 10 or less. I must be logging in during...
  17. Prophet Elhanan

    Real Time WvW Map App

    Anyone know a good one? I'm planning on getting back into WvW and want to be able to keeps tabs on where everyone is so I can consistently keep up wit the zerg. :)
  18. Prophet Elhanan

    Help! Can't Login to Game

    Did everything work out ok Taran?
  19. Prophet Elhanan

    Anybody else having new toon issues?

    I've been running the Queensdale Champion farm, personal story, and then zone completion to level my new toons. I've saved all my Level 20 scrolls if/when they release and Expansion Pack so I can have one of the higher level Tengu (or whatever race is made available.) I've not tried crafting to...
  20. Prophet Elhanan

    Interesting little tidbit

    Humm.... very interesting. That spread sheet is awesome. :)