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    How long have they been married now? HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

    I'm sorry I am late but I wanted to say Happy Belated Anniversary.
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    A new GFC member is on the way

    Congratulations you two. I am soooooo happy for you. How exciting a new little blessing. I'm practically bursting with excitement for you. :D
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    3 years

    We also just found out that I was Pregnant with Deadly Binky. Oh and I was trying to figure out why PW was soooo addicted to CS and how I could get him OFF the computer. ;)
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    New Member of the P&P Clan

    LOL you crack me up, b. Angel loves him. She likes to sit on the floor and say "come here dog". She only calls him by his name when we repeat it to her. LOL She also tries to get his attention by clicking her tongue but he ignores her right now. Which I don't blame him. She hit him over the...
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    New Member of the P&P Clan

    Yeah we actually had to wait until we got back from your place to see if we were going to get my grandma's dog or not before we could look for something else. :D I took him to the vet yesterday and he is in very good health and just needs his teeth cleaned. He is truly the baby of the family he...
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    New Member of the P&P Clan

    PW and I adopted this little cutie. This is Patton. He is a 2 year old Dachsound mix. He is a sweety and is a HUGE PW fan. lol :D He has become PW's CS partner now that Deadly Binky is too big to sit still on daddy's lap. lol ;)
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    You know you are out of it when....

    That is like me on a daily basis. ROFL
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    Thanks PW for setting this up. Hopefully I will get to try it out soon. :D
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    Mario Madness

    I seen the first guy on the piano on myspace there are tons of his vids where he is playing different game themes. He is really good.
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    An old friend....

    LOL :D
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    An old friend....

    Okay what are you wowing for lol. You see me everyday. lol
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    An old friend....

    Hey guys just wanted to stop by and say hi. I know I've been nonexistent lately but I have been really busy. I should be able to pop in more often now. Anyway, I just wanted all you GFCers know that I think about you all and pray for you and hopefully will talk and play with you soon. (hugs)
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    Our first snow of 2007

    ROFL!!! :D
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    Our first snow of 2007

    She had a blast out in the snow and cried when we made her come in. Of course you would have never guessed it had snowed at all today. Back to seeing the brown grass and muddy backyard. Oh well, it comes and it goes. :) The girls are praying for at least one more "good" snow of the season. It...
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    I just wanted to say.....

    I am not a member of GFC. (I resigned about a month ago) :) And the only reason I stayed on the forums is because I was posting and reading RD. But I feel like since it is no longer open it is time for me to go on.
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    I just wanted to say.....

    Goodbye to my friends on CGA. I am leaving the forums. My whole reason for staying on the forums here was closed today so I am departing. You can still contact me via IM or email. God Bless and Take Care, Priceless
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    Do we as Christians need to read the Bible?

    This is where you spend time not only reading but praying asking God to help open up your understanding. So yes reading is not enough. Prayer is also an important step in the process of understanding the Word of God. :)
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    Thanksgiving Day-Canada/Columbus Day-U.S.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Jesh and all our other Canadian friends. Happy Columbus Day to all my fellow Americans. And a special Happy Birthday to your granddaughter, Jesh. 4 is such a precious age. :) Of course all think all ages are precious. :D
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    HAha I was just reminded Hahaha

    How awesome. Praise the Lord. :D