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  1. blsimpson

    Forums and Splash style upgraded to 1.5.12

    Really strange. That of course is the first thing I did ;) Chrome is my main browser, but I am also getting it Firefox and even fired up Edge (::shiver::) and happening there. Works in Safari though on another machine, so maybe its time to reboot..
  2. blsimpson

    ToJ Server Whitelist

    You have been added to the whitelist. Welcome! Let me know if you have any issues logging in.
  3. blsimpson

    Hello?... hello?... ello?.... llo?.... lo?.... o?...

    This is not the whitelist thread, it was linked in the PM that I sent. :) Just click on the words Whitelist Thread in the PM. :)
  4. blsimpson

    Forums and Splash style upgraded to 1.5.12

    So, old I know, but I just noticed, but found a possible issue? Maybe its just with me? All of the icons are showing up as boxes. They are fine when I am on another style, its just on splash?
  5. blsimpson

    Server Update - 1.11.2

    We are updated! Sorry it took so long, life just keeps getting in the way! I logged in to make sure the basics are working, but if you run into any problems, please let me know!
  6. blsimpson


    Long time coming, I know, I apologize for that. Not sure who all still plays here, but I am working on getting the server updated to 1.11.2. I went to update the server jar, and there are a lot of plugins that also need to be updated \ replaced. I am getting a list together and will get them...
  7. blsimpson


    So sorry it has been down for so long. I have been away, and didnt have access to it. Its back up now though, and I have migrated it to the permanent server, and as such, you can go back to using the address to connect to it.
  8. blsimpson


    So sorry the server has been down for so long, I have been away, and didn't have access to bring it back up. Its up again, but please go back to using the address! I have migrated it off the temporary server, and onto the permanent one, which should be more stable. Please let me...
  9. blsimpson

    ToJ Server Whitelist

  10. blsimpson

    Server Downtime

    Hello all, so sorry for the server downtime we experienced. It just so happened that we had a major outage at work and I was not able to get on and get the server restarted. Its back up now, and should be good to go. Let me know if you run into any issues!
  11. blsimpson

    Announcing ToJ Chainworld!

    If no one else takes, I will.
  12. blsimpson

    TOJ Minecraft Pranks

    Sorry to say, "b" is not me. ;)
  13. blsimpson

    ToJ Server Whitelist

    Got ya added!
  14. blsimpson

    MCMMO Leaderboard!

    I was I'm no way trying to reprimand anyone, and I apologize if it seemed like I was. I was just trying keep this topic on topic.
  15. blsimpson

    MCMMO Leaderboard!

    Thank you for the information Wolf. Thank you for your service as well, though those words don't quite do it. Let's try and keep the forums civil, as we are trying to attract new players, and dissention like this can turn a lot of people away. Also,just because other threads here have gone down...
  16. blsimpson

    Server Updated!

    I have updated the Residence Plugin. Let me know if you run into any issues.
  17. blsimpson

    Server Showcase and Updates!

    Everything looks amazing guys! Keep up the great work!
  18. blsimpson

    New Server Announcement!

    I am trying to get that set up. Its taking me some time to get them written though. Soon though, I promise :)
  19. blsimpson


    Nope! This is just so if you cant get on in game, you can still interact with people in the game. :)
  20. blsimpson

    Server Showcase and Updates!

    Nice thread! Cant wait to see every ones projects finished! :D Mines gunna be big, so will take some time.. :)