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  1. [ISI]Brickbro

    being bisexual

    it is hard because without him I would have been in a dark place or probably killed my self so I don't want to lose him and thank you for letting me know it just the tf2 people and being here for me
  2. [ISI]Brickbro

    being bisexual

    So my gf is transgender and so she is not taking medication to become male and so im not bisexual and dont want to loose him and he has been a big influence in my life and I dont know how to talk to my parents about it or anybody in person. <I need help>
  3. [ISI]Brickbro

    Prayer for my Girlfriend Kati

    My Girlfriend is going through a tough time she has lost 9 family members and one of them was her father who committed suicide when she was in the 7th or 8th grade and it changed her she has anxiety and other things she deals with and nobody really helps her or understands what she is going...
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    I love it
  5. [ISI]Brickbro

    Checking out the Interest in...

    I would do this what time works for you any time in the evening works for me
  6. [ISI]Brickbro

    Being Harrassed

    Thanks guys
  7. [ISI]Brickbro

    Casual Fun...

    Me as a Demo knight with a pink parrot and pink pants is not really a knight looking
  8. [ISI]Brickbro

    Being Harrassed

    oh the thing I wanted to talk about with the group is I am getting told rumors about me at school saying I'm a pothead I do drugs and I am being mean to my girlfriend and abusing her when I am not so I am talking with the principle on Thursday morning, so if you could pray for me and just give...