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  1. Durruck

    Aack! Tawd (Todd) Meshach/Shaddrach is Back!

    Haha, well sorry to disappoint, but Ambryana and I have no plans to come back... so not *all* mages will come out of retirement with WoD. I think I'm still capped at 75? 80? It's been so long I'm not even sure what the cap was when we left. Pre-panda days is all I know for sure.
  2. Durruck


    Figured I'd drop by and give a quick update. It was cancer (actually, both of the two cancer possibilities ended up in there). I've had two surgeries to remove the thyroid. Unfortunately, they had to leave the surrounding lymph nodes in place, and I go to the doctor again this week to find...
  3. Durruck

    Congrats LoE...Guild Rush is queued!

    What are the two guild events we already have unlocked? Bounties...and....? Whatever the other one was, it seemed like we ripped right through the one we did the other night, finding 10 locations or so with plenty of time to spare. Seems like those are a nice easy way to get everyone working...
  4. Durruck

    Challenge For you and your family

    I've read some negative comments about how they do take a bit of liberties, but that overall it's still very good. Probably the #1 complaint I've read is that they glossed over why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.
  5. Durruck

    Tier 3 Guild Bounty - Friday, Mar 8, 9PM EST

    Can someone give a brief overview of what the different types of events are, and what we might have to do for them? I understand the bounties already - find and kill 1/2/3 mobs in 15 minutes. But what are the treks, rushes, and puzzles?
  6. Durruck

    Tier 3 Guild Bounty - Friday, Mar 8, 9PM EST

    Sounds good to me! I'm off this night, so I'm in!
  7. Durruck

    Guild Boss Bounty locations by level

    I can only imagine how tough the Ander "Wildman" Westward is going to be. Vet Karkas are insane to take down.
  8. Durruck

    Guild Bounty Guide and tips for low levels

    good stuff, thanks for the tips! One thing that probably helps... if we have enough commanders, have at least one of them lead a party in each zone. It'll make it easier for other groups to find them as we bounce between zones to mop up.
  9. Durruck

    Challenge For you and your family

    I've got the DVR set to pick it up. Because of my work schedule, I can't commit to watching all 5 as they air. But from what little I've seen, they look really, really cool. I'm going to try to watch episode 1 next Saturday, and maybe watch episode 2 they day it airs.
  10. Durruck

    RL Skills and Knowledge

    little thread-rez here.... but I've been a firefighter and paramedic (EMT? squad-guy? ambulance person? whatever term you might use locally for a pre-hospital emergency care provider) for about 16 years, an instructor for EMS & Fire for about 8. But I don't often remember to check all the...
  11. Durruck

    PSA: ecto price dropping?

    Confirmed, it was just bad luck. Broke 2 exotics tonight and got 2 and 3 ectos. If rares/exotics are bringing more ectos per salvage (on average), that could explain the price increase. Or people are just desperate for ectos for some reason? I think I saw something about new recipes, but I...
  12. Durruck

    College paper 3: Old Testament Survey

    ....and here I got excited that one of my old papers from college was finally getting some love :(
  13. Durruck

    Final Rest - at least SEVEN confirmed drops last night.

    Ah, thanks for the explanation. I'll have to take a look. Of course, I'm dirt poor, so even 6g for it won't be happening for me for quite some time.
  14. Durruck

    PSA: ecto price dropping?

    Has anyone been getting multiple ectos per salvage? I've broken quite a few items and only seen 0-1, whereas a week ago I was seeing 0-2 (maybe 3?)
  15. Durruck

    Guild Event - Guild Mission - Friday, Mar 1 - 9PM EST

    Sadly, I'll be at work Friday. I look forward to the next event night after that so I can actually see all the shinies...
  16. Durruck

    Final Rest - at least SEVEN confirmed drops last night.

    Ok, I give up. What's Final Rest?
  17. Durruck

    Was I supposed to pick a specific race or legion?

    good to know. I was afraid that I'd screw something up...glad to know I won't have to re-roll :)
  18. Durruck

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    TOJ: Durruck GW: Durick.8479 Characters: None yet, still patching. Probably will be Durruck (thief), Tidurien (ranger), and Rotio (engineer) *edit* had to change my thief's name. haven't rolled the other two yet.
  19. Durruck

    New forums-wide limit of 100 pages (1,000 posts) per thread

    False, but only because I have no idea what you are talking about. The person below me has played the Settlers of Catan.