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    How do you guys feel about this

    So as a christian I feel convicted about most games that are out there. I find that more and more games I can't even finish because either there's sex or nudity, taking the lord's name in vain over and over again and many other things I know the Lord would rather me not be partaking in. How do...
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    [Weekly - Su/M] What did you learn/teach at church?

    Here's a pastor that will be at our church this week. Revival week. The whole point it to bring new people in to the church. Great sermon. This guy is truly on fire for the Lord!
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    [Weekly - W] Now Playing too
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    I must be blind because I couldn't figure out how to start a post without replying to your post. Anyway, I'm Aaron. Just joined CGA. I found you guys while duckduckgoing for a Christian guild for ESO. My wife and I were baptised into the christian faith about a year ago and have had a rough go...