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    Who's online playing EVE?

    Hey all - I thought we could restart things a bit with some information exchange. Main (or most used character): SoleDeo Gloria Race: Minmatar Corp: X-Incorporated Alliance: none Region: Molden Heath mostly, sometimes Metropolis System: Gulfonodi most of the time, mining in Teonusude...
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    Coming back home :) I AM SORRY!! :(

    Welcome back - I hope to get to know you better :)
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    I enjoyed this movie thoroughly. I like this genre of movie (first person handhend video camera aka Blair Witch). The profanity was 'mild' compared to many films out there - however as always I prepare myself for it before hand (eye-gate / ear-gate). There is a theme of reconciliation and...
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    I just started playing eve online...

    Interested Tek7 I am interested in helping out. I have been playing EVE for a little over four months, am director of my Corp as well as Recruiter. I would love to help get things started again here.