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  1. Baron Squirrel

    How did you hear about Tribe of Judah?

    Like others, I did a google search for Guild Wars Christian guilds and found SoE.
  2. Baron Squirrel

    Is instant messaging dead?

    I have only recently set Adium to not load on startup. The last 10 messages I have received were spam. About the only person I see online that I'd want to talk to is Tek, & I don't really know you well enough to just chat.... ***Edit*** I do, however, check Twitter nigh constantly. I also just...
  3. Baron Squirrel

    A Very Special Episode of Straturday (May 22, 2010)

    I may have time to get on for a bit, it depends on what else I'm expected to do.
  4. Baron Squirrel

    Steam on launches on Mac: Free copy of Portal!

    I may actually be able to play games, now. Or rather games not on my iPod touch....
  5. Baron Squirrel

    For you Dads out there, this Xmas.

    I understand where he comes from on all of these, and accept it. There are only a few things on the list I won't be doing, such as the daughter thing. (don't have one) Good tips, overall.
  6. Baron Squirrel


    I just found out I have 23 invites. Yesterday I had 8.
  7. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms...

    I've made a guild for Tribe of Judah, if you are a member there. I'm honestly not on much, but if i'm home I can be on in about 2 minutes, I just need to reboot to Windows. Afternoons Tuesday/Thursday are your best bet for finding me due to my hectic schedule. Of course, if you wanted to make...
  8. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms

    I'm actually on at the moment... ditto on the vacation. I'm leaving Saturday, returning the next. doubt i'll be online except for checking email/twitter/facebook.
  9. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms

    yup. that's about it. Jack Tunder is my name.
  10. Baron Squirrel

    Does Free Realms include spyware or adware?

    I haven't noticed anything unusual. If you do join, look me up, as I've started a Tribe of Judah guild. It is far too difficult to find people and add friends. I'm pretty sure you both have to be online to do so. You could just sent me a message on IM or IRC and I'd hop on, if I can.
  11. Baron Squirrel

    Elihu appointed to Tribe of Judah Staff Manager position

    Kawasaki? /offtopic congrats, sir.
  12. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms...

    I went ahead and made a guild, "Tribe of Judah", it's up for review or whatever.
  13. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms...

    so they just released guilds... anyone up for a ToJ guild?
  14. Baron Squirrel


    1. change your password. use a strong password, one that has nothing to do with friends, family, pets, etc. with numbers and symbols mixed in. 2. update your virus scan definitions, run a scan, there's even some browser-based virus scans out there, i believe. (don't know if they're good or not)...
  15. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms...

    is it just me, or does the loading music sound like the building music in The Sims 2?
  16. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms...

    they need to add in an "Add friend" button in the website, in case the player isn't online
  17. Baron Squirrel

    Necromancer wands and focus items

    i use the Deldrimor curses off-hand and a wailing wand. you can find wailing wands here
  18. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms...

    OK, my bad, shouldn't have opened that can o' worms.... so... Free Realms?
  19. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms...

    yeah, i kinda had hope since it seemed semi-web based that i could run it on my mac, but no.... :( rebooting FTL.
  20. Baron Squirrel

    Free Realms...

    works now. named Jack Tunder.