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  1. Reco Suave

    Thanks from Reco.

    Hey just wanted to say I had a awesome time getting to meet, Goodwone (Lisa) Citgrad (Dwight) Shadowbill (Bill) Tots (Ashley) and Tornadowatch (DJ). Thanks guys for going out of your way to see me while on my stay in Atlanta. I enjoyed our evening and it was awesome to get you know you all...
  2. Reco Suave

    A comic for Reco

    I remember on our First clearing in EQ of Vex Thal... We started at 6PM CST and finished at 7AM in the morning.. I had to go when I realized the sun was coming up and I had to go to work.. I so almost called in sick that day but I was way to responsible.. I suffered at work all day.
  3. Reco Suave

    Mage and Priest LF Rogue for 3s

    Not sure if you want me but I have great gear. Affliction Lock.. 1107 Resil.. I would love to get going on a 3s team
  4. Reco Suave

    Co-Guild Leader Election Results

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support and faith in me. I will work hard to do the best I can to serve Redeemed to the best of my ability. We have a awesome group of people. My ear is open anytime if any of you have concerns or something on your mind. Thanks again for the...
  5. Reco Suave

    April 2010 Co-GL Election Candidate Statements & Voting Instructions

    Well time has flown and my 4 month term is up. I would like to thank the Redeemed members for allowing me to serve them. I would remind everyone that the greatest leader is a servant of all. I hope members truly feel I have been working for them to make our guild a family freindly atmosphere...
  6. Reco Suave

    The Great Gnome Roam of 2010

    I talked with Sambeau last night about this. It sounds like a lot of fun. I will work with the other officers to make sure that Redeemed puts forth a worthy prize. We are thinking maybe May 15th at around 5PM Server. This is Sambeau's idea so I will leave it to him to be the organizer...
  7. Reco Suave

    Do you think WoW will stand up to Star Wars MMO?

    I have to agree with Gilga. If another MMO dethrones WoW it will be done by Blizzard themselves. I read a article sometime back the Blizzard pulled their lead guy off of WoW sometime ago and he is in charge of research and developement of the next MMO . WoW II if you will.
  8. Reco Suave

    Recently applied!

    Welcome.. Nice to have you. Don't be afraid to say Hi to me in game.
  9. Reco Suave

    Mother cancelles account,,

    Man that is so funny. My side hurts from laughing so hard.
  10. Reco Suave

    Veteran Status

    Ok guys Veteran Status is back. Please if you have questions bring them to any officer online and talk to them on vent for particular details. Read this fully. It will be a commitment if you choose this path. We are excited to make progression possible with Redeemed and give all players the...
  11. Reco Suave

    how are people chosen for raids?

    Heals talk to me in game. I can visit in vent with you about this situation anytime. I will also keep a eye out for you. We try to be fair and make sure that no one gets left out more than anyone else. Also I will take this opportunity to talk about Veteran Status. We are bringing it back...
  12. Reco Suave

    Grats new Activity Coordinators

    Last night Cryogenic and Shadowbill were both promoted to our newest Activity leaders. It is the officers intent to give everyone as much opportunity possible to raid and do things together as a guild. Cryogenic and Shadowbill are not only awesome players but what I would consider genuine good...
  13. Reco Suave

    Grats to Redeemed!

    That was big fun for me. Thanks to those who were in my group for making it possible.
  14. Reco Suave

    New Raiding Tank

    Lloren sighting )
  15. Reco Suave

    Newer Raiders Run?

    I would say f'or now on out when I am on and we don't get enough people for a progression raid I will also take a look at running some 10 man Naxx, OS or even just a 5 man of some sort to help people up and coming on gear and experience doing the "raiding" atmosphere. I will start making this a...
  16. Reco Suave

    January 2010 Co-GL Election Candidate Statements & Voting Instructions

    Well I have to say I am in agreement with Goodwone. I am honored to share company with these 3 outstanding individuals. I however still would be honored to have the opportunity to serve Redeemed in a Co-Guild Leader position. Why Reco? I have been around the guild for quite sometime. I...
  17. Reco Suave


    Environmental extremists have worked for years to convince us that 'global warming' is real and presents an imminent catastrophic threat to our planet. But recent scientific evidence is exposing the lies being employed 'global warming' evangelists. Lord Richard Monckton, former policy...
  18. Reco Suave

    Raiding & Redeemed

  19. Reco Suave

    Raiding Improvement?

    I want to say to that some of this DKP stuff can be overcome by Class leads becoming more involved. I would like to see classes talking in their own respective channels about what item will benefit which guy the most and so on. I would challenge each class leader to start looking at their...
  20. Reco Suave

    Rusted Proto-Drake - Looking for more

    I have did every boss in 25 man except for Yogg. I am confident on doing hard mode with the right group. I am interested. It needs to be a night however that does not conflict with regular Redeemed raids. I would suggest maybe Saturday or Sunday evening.