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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    ToJ: TSCavalier GW2: TSCavalier.8053 See you in-game!
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    I think the most important thing is to make sure that we (as Christians) remain compassionate and understanding. For one, it's not fair to categorize homosexuals into the same label. The history, background, motivation, demeanor, spirituality, etc. of a gay person is as equally diverse and...
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    The Landmass (UT2004 DM)-- When are you Online?

    I've been logging into The Landmass server ( on occasion the last few days, but have found no one there. Unless a thread of this type exists elsewhere, I would like to submit when I am generally available for play, and think it might be beneficial for others (even if it is of...
  4. TSCavalier

    Do we really need Blue Laws?

    The crux is that you really shouldn't have laws that infringe upon the rights of those that differ from you. That said, I think that there shouldn't be a law that forces you to conform to activities that are against your rights. So, while I don't think that there should be a law that says that...
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    Thinking of getting GW...

    Guild Wars can be best described as a cross between the real-time action of a game like WarCraft 3 and Diablo with a framework of player customizability in the vein of Magic: The Gathering. In a nutshell, a real-time, action-oriented, monster bashing, online multiplayer version of Magic: The...
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    Video Card Advice and PC Game Wishlists

    Rome:Total War is probably CPU-bound. Generally the more stuff you see onscreen will be impacted by your CPU. The prettier it looks will be impacted by your GPU. Case in point, the Doom3 engine is greatly affected by your GPU because your video card does all the grunt work. Most RTS games (like...
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    married couple question

    Anything that is overtly self-serving is generally incompatible with Christian living. A self-serving husband can "lust" after his wife at her expense. Remember that when you get married, you are dedicating your life to serving your spouse. Jesus (and Paul) spoke at length comparing the...
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    Video Card Advice and PC Game Wishlists

    Best Video Cards for Your Money If you're willing to hit up to $200, then the Radeon x1900 or x1950 PRO might be your choice. Be careful, though. Some of these higher-end cards require hefty power supplies (400W+). Check the ratings on your PSU. Also, when I tried to upgrade a Dell I had a...
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    Video Card Advice and PC Game Wishlists

    1) What kind of games do you play? 2) How much money are you willing to spend? Go here: Tom's Hardware Compare your current card with others on the market. They use a faster CPU than you have for the benchmarks, but the relative performance difference can be seen. Prey is a good measure...
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    The defragment utility that comes with Windows isn't very strong. My suggestion is to download the (far superior) trial version of PerfectDisk and defragment your drive. I have never had any problems with PerfectDisk. Testimonies that I have read say that PerfectDisk can defragment disks that...
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    The person below me...

    False. But I have been an active participant in such a rant... I'm not saying which side I took :) The person below me has made change in the offering plate.
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    how many demons or angels are there?

    Just to understand this line of conversation and keep it in perspective. This type of discussion is along the same lines as "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" as was debated in the 1200's. The number of angels and demons that exist is not relevant to our lives as human beings...
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    Unreal Tournament 2007 Server

    Is there a "standing" collection of ToJ / CGA servers? If so, what are the the names/IPs, uptimes, etc? I said "2007" in the title with the idea that perhaps this thread could list any/all UT-related up-and-running servers. Perhaps this information is posted elsewhere. Thanks!
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    All you nerds....

    34% I don't know myself half as well as I thought I did, or perhaps I know myself only half as well as I should.
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    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    I'm in! See ya'll ingame! (waiting for the invite :)
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    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    I'm being presumptuous because I signed up, but haven't gotten a ToJ acceptance email yet :) (but I really would love to join!) ToJ: TSCavalier GW: Rayl Odon (Me/R), Rha Ladan (Rit/N), Rhon Lar (W/P)