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  1. madmetal

    Where is everyone?

    sorry didnt have time to read the entire thread, but i think we should add a few more officers. i know that when im on i normally only see 1-3 guildies on at a time. i think that may help in the long run.
  2. madmetal

    1.2 PTS Funzies

    may have to try it for the title
  3. madmetal


    i pvp a little bit, got lvl 53 valor and would love to start trying to do group runs
  4. madmetal

    Unofficial Operations group starting - Please read and sign up inside

    sadly 6pm est is 11pm greenwhich time...a few more months and ill be on est time again
  5. madmetal

    CfD - What Class/Role are you playing?

    change me to healing plz...cranky...L50
  6. madmetal

    Security Key systems

    well called customer support this morning (7am my time, 2am est) no wait straight to a support agent and im ready to log on. well say that was less time consuming than i was expecting to remove the key from my account. now that is done i will find my key...thats how it works
  7. madmetal

    Security Key systems

    i think my kid just ate mine...well time to see how well swtor customer service works in removing key from account while waiting on new key :(
  8. madmetal

    companion list...and what to give them

    All, I wanted to share this link to help out on what gifts to give your companions. I hope it helps.
  9. madmetal

    Name reservations

    if you got room, handoverfist plz
  10. madmetal

    Who is Planning on Playing what?

    I will probably do a juggernaut tank spec and a SI. Doing beta i played a juggernaut tank because i didnt want to ruin the story line for SI and I had a blast lvl'ing him.
  11. madmetal

    Don't uninstall your TOR copy from beta...

    they sent me an email saying the following. " Thank you for your participation in the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Game Testing Program. In preparation for the game's official release, if you are receiving this email, you must uninstall the game-testing client before installing the launch...
  12. madmetal

    December 2nd Beta Test!

    if we are keeping our characters from last weekend i may stay on the server i was on last time. if they delete the characters then ill join you on your server. Only reason i would stay with my other character is because it is lvl 26 and i would like to test out the higher lvl content.
  13. madmetal

    which forums do you look at for swtor information

    Hi all, was wondering what websites you look at to get your gaming this is not spam... I normally look at mmo champion and swtor homepage for most updates. Since there are a few more websites coming out with tor information i thought i would post a few of them here and see if i...
  14. madmetal


    ah wish i would have read the forums sooner i would have went with that server. hows everyones beta goins? Right now i got lvl 24 Juggernaut and 10 SI.
  15. madmetal

    happy Veterans day

    just wanted to say happy veterans day to all those vets out there.
  16. madmetal

    Who is (name here)?

    im madmetal when i played wow i had lvl 85 pally, mage, warrior, rogue, hunter, druid, priest lvl 84 dk and 40ish shammy...i was an altaholic. I enjoy raiding/progression, but enjoy spending time with my family more. I enjoyed tanking and healing in wow and will probably stick to that in swtor.
  17. madmetal


    hello, new to the forum so i thought i would post a couple little things. Currently in the military and living in england. Gaming history, mainly wow, started playing 2005 until cata. Did a lot of progression raiding and had fun doing it. really looking forward to playing swtor.
  18. madmetal

    Guild page on!

    wanted to say thanks for the guild invite and im really looking forward to playing with everyone. I may not see too many people at first since i am currently living in england, but i should be back in the states late may or apr.