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  1. michaelpi

    Lan party, clans can connect via internet

    Hey guys, been forever..hope to see some of you guys at the lan love to see toj win that server. Limestone Networks invites you to Limestone Networks LAN Party 2.0! The company that meets extreme dedicated server needs is now hosting a LAN party! Join us on our private network for...
  2. michaelpi

    prize rebel

    Hey guys...well i found this site called prize rebel and has anyone ever ordered anything or heard anything about looks real [link removed]
  3. michaelpi

    Excuse my blind tactics/I wondered

    Ha nothing to much, get on msn some time soon
  4. michaelpi

    Excuse my blind tactics/I wondered

    Hey look who it is! hows it going Jeshurun
  5. michaelpi

    Songs for StepMania that aren't techno?

    i have over 2000 songs on mine but yes most are tecno but there are a good 400-600 that arnt Moderator's Note: Link removed as Google tags site listed with a malware warning.
  6. michaelpi

    Suburb lan party

    Hey guys well we alredy have over 60 people register for are first event and we still have 20 days!
  7. michaelpi

    Suburb lan party

    its may 18th its a Friday we will open the doors at 7, if you want you can come early.
  8. michaelpi

    Suburb lan party

    Hey guys well we just put registration up for are lan party. so if you want to frag all night long in a fun safe place come cheek us out (its inside a church) hope to see some toj/cga members there
  9. michaelpi

    home network help

    ok i have (desktops) windows xp pro 2 gig ports on mobo windows xp home 10/100 nic cent os 10/100 laptops (wifi) hp dv2000 802.11a/b/g dellxps 802.11 g dell??? 802.11g compaqt 802.11b/g (runs hp's vpn)
  10. michaelpi

    home network help

    hey guys, well im moving to a very big hosue here soon and i need you guys help on seting up a netowrk. im looking for wifi over the whloe house and some outside. a firewall (ipcop or smoothwall) 10/100/1000 lan a hp netowrk printer. on the netowrk i would have 10-15 pc's with cat6...
  11. michaelpi

    lan party in north texas

    we do have a date!! it will be may 25th and all cga/toj members can get in free :) here is some more info We have decided a date for our very first party. It will take place on May 25th; hey it’s about the last week of school and it’s a 3 day weekend. (Location located around the bottom of...
  12. michaelpi

    going wireless

    the LINKSYS WRT54GL is what i have right now. if you are looking for range you might want to look in to 802.11n/pren routers
  13. michaelpi

    lan party in north texas

    we are playing ut04 in fact we are having a ut tournament. and there will be swag to all the winners
  14. michaelpi

    lan party in north texas

    HEY GUYS, long time i know well just letting you guys know of the new monthly lan party here in north texas me and my friends have started suburb lan so go cheek out the website and the message boards
  15. michaelpi


    well im leaving to go up to colarodo today at 5 with my awesome youth group eveyone i hope you guys have an awsome weekend!
  16. michaelpi

    north carolina

    hey well tomorrow im going out of town to north Carolina for a week so i hope evey one has a good thanksgiving
  17. michaelpi

    Flatscreen Monitor Recommendations?

    i love my hp 1940 19" its amazing
  18. michaelpi

    bowser! we love you

    happy birthday man! hope you have a wonderful 22nd birthday!
  19. michaelpi

    laptop help

    ah ok well im having problmes with hp's distro of xp! it only shows up i have a 25 gig harddrive