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  1. blfleshman

    LoE represent!!!

    LoE present and accouted for in first SoR downing of Tequatl 2.0!
  2. blfleshman

    Return of [CAMP]?

    As a former member of camp who is still a WvW enthusiast I am very excited about any prospect to WvW with any guildies who want to. Guild WvW night? Sounds good to me. Anyone know what happened to Avenger?
  3. blfleshman

    Interesting little tidbit

    As I was looking through the bank sorting it out I came very close to just deleting my extra experience scrolls. With the character slot sales and using one to start a new character but not wanting to buy enough slots to use all my scrolls I decided to investigate and see if there was any way to...
  4. blfleshman

    Finding Champions Easily

    Ok I have to show you guys this. <-- THIS! Again, anyone who wants to learn the frostgorge route, hit me up. Edit: And you might want to get in on it quick, it will probably be nerfed.
  5. blfleshman


    I don't get on the forum's much so I apologize for being a few days late. I will pray.
  6. blfleshman

    Finding Champions Easily

    I know this thread is a little dated but since it's on topic. There's a zerg style champ farm in Frostgorge Sound and Cursed Shore. They are easy to follow as there are usually commander's sporting their blue doritos. Once you learn the order of waypoints it's easy to keep up. Edit: If anyone...
  7. blfleshman

    Gear Management?

    get an exotic equipment 20 slot fractal box (forget what its name is) it will show your gear at a vendor but I put mine as the last bag and my gear always goes back to it and my exotic stuff is always at the bottom of the list.
  8. blfleshman

    Brian is an idiot. It's ok you can agree.

    Thank you, Thank you, kind sir. Never played Gw1, did you have to pay to join a guild?
  9. blfleshman

    Brian is an idiot. It's ok you can agree.

    Somehow while swapping guilds, (to my bank guild) I have left LoE. Didn't mean to, just did. Anyway, I need an invite. Pretty please.
  10. blfleshman

    Mesmer vs. Elemental

    If you're looking simply for general pve content any class that is fun for you to play is as good as any other. The same can almost be said for WvW with the exception that the classes fit certain roles. If you're interested in sPvP then I would (as a mesmer) tell you that ele's pretty much top...
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    Hmm, well then. Maybe it's something weird with the phones browser....
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    Do the text boxes on this site use Flash? I have a new windows phone, and much to my chagrin, WP8 is not supported by adobe flash. I've noticed that I can not post to the forums from my phone and was thinking that might be the problem. If anyone has any insight let me know.
  13. blfleshman

    Weapon set swaps

    There is no way to swap in combat to a 3rd set. Ele only has one weapon at a time but with 4 "atunements". Best way to swap to a 3rd set or 2nd weapon for ele's is to break combat and manually swap. As far as I know even setting up a keyboard macro on a programmable device to equip a certain set...
  14. blfleshman

    Any plumbers or home fixer upers?

    I'm going completely on assumption here but, the blue pipe is the cold water from you're water main, and the building has red pipes for hot, which would mean it is definitely pex with brass fittings and crimp rings. Is the pipe in question in a basement or underground (subject to a damp...
  15. blfleshman

    Final Fantasy VII on Steam

    I just want to say this: Sephiroth is one of the best big bad baddies ever.
  16. blfleshman

    Calvinism & Arminianism

    Very interesting post! Thank you Taran. I grew up in a "Calvinistic" church and have since leaned away from staunch calvinism. Not that I disagree with it entirely, John Calvin was a brilliant theologian, and I do agree with God's sovereignty. However, seeing the extremes, to the end that people...
  17. blfleshman

    thinking about an upgrade..any thoughts?

    I have a 128GB ssd, and a 1TB hdd, both at 6 gbps, you can buy a small ssd and then put all your stuff on the bigger spin-up. you don't have to put your OS on the ssd either, but your processer will be loading from windows to run your gw2.exe. I think your on a better track with upgrading your...
  18. blfleshman

    Anime Titles

    my favs are: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (there are several series and movies within the Gundam line but gundam wing is the best imo) Last Exile Moribito Blue Sub No. 6 (this one might be graphic and have strong language, I don't remember, been awhile since I've seen it, the story and animation was...
  19. blfleshman

    Dungeon team

    I'll join your venture. Only need 1-2 paths in most and have some completed. Except Arah, don't have any of those.
  20. blfleshman

    I might have been hacked

    False alarm! all is well and I'm back online. The password got glitched somehow. A-net reset it for me.