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  1. willcraft

    Wildstar Chapter?

    Game looks amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed my time during the beta weekend. I would be happy to help out with a Wildstar chapter as much as I can. Will be looking to join a in-game guild. My experience for CfD in SWTOR was awesome, so I would love for the guild to be through CGA again. :D
  2. willcraft

    TIL there is a "Focus Target" modifier key.

    As Sorcerer, this is amazing. My game just got a bunch better.
  3. willcraft

    LFG - Colicoid War Games (8pm Tues)

    After Friday's Boarding Party and The Foundry runs, I'd like to organize another CfD LFG night. I'm a healing Sorcerer, but could try re-speccing DPS if needed. I'll be on at least somewhat before 8pm trying to level up one more time to get to 41 (the recommended level for this). See you...
  4. willcraft

    New guild event? Griefing...I mean Greeting.

    Wow. This sounds amazing.
  5. willcraft

    LF Flashpoint Group (tonight)

    I too had a lot of fun. I may be on late tonight (10:30pm PST) for a Collicoid War Games run, but I'm not sure.
  6. willcraft

    LF Flashpoint Group (tonight)

    Good tip. I've done boarding party already, but will come along to heal/dps for a group. Really hoping to do The Foundry though...
  7. willcraft

    LF Flashpoint Group (tonight)

    Hey everyone, I'll be looking to doing a selection of the below flashpoints tonight at 8pm PST. I'm a level 40 Sorcerer healer. If we are all too high for the lower stuff, then we just won't do it, but if we're lower, we'll go for those. My goal is to find 3 members to have some PvE...
  8. willcraft

    Orange Items Poll

    Ah, good point.
  9. willcraft

    Orange Items Poll

    Bretta, I like your your suggestion for Master Looting by having the Ops leader rolling offline for the people that should be entitled. Ninja looting excluded, this would prevent anyone mis-clicking an item they don't need. IIRC, any group can be set to Master Loot, even a 4-person.
  10. willcraft

    Best time for Operations?

    There will definitely be Operations run at times appropriate for east-coasters, west-coasters, and those in the middle. It just depends on officers planning the times and running the Op. This poll will just help give us a some data on the the general availability and preferences of the guild...
  11. willcraft

    Who is (name here)?

    Hooray, a fellow Canadian! Welcome. :)
  12. willcraft

    Orange Items Poll

    Maybe just when we don't have full guild Operations groups? Hmmm... When it's a full group, I'd like to have us trust each other enough to stick with need>greed. What does everyone think?
  13. willcraft

    Hey guys

    Hi Weazel, welcome! Check out this thread showing the classes and roles people have taken so far: We're doing pretty well on everything, (as far as I can tell). Search up "Called" in-game and PM a guild member for an invite (just...
  14. willcraft

    Fun Close PvP match

    So sick.
  15. willcraft

    SWTOR Future

    Me too. I have to say I'm satisfied with their level of improvements since launch. I was on WoW at launch and it was so bad on my server we got about 25 single day refunds.
  16. willcraft

    Guild photos - 1/20/2012

    Awesome photos. Sorry I couldn't make it; I took my laptop to work on Friday, but then didn't bring back the AC adapter. It died in my bag on the way home and I had no way to let you guys know. :( I hope you had fun. Keep a lookout for polls for next month's photo. I'll keep 10pm PST off...
  17. willcraft

    SWTOR Future

    I am very much looking forward to having the guild bank.
  18. willcraft

    Select the Time for CfD's Next Guild Photo

    There were 17 voters. It was set up as multiple-answer.
  19. willcraft

    CfD - Guild Photo for our One Month Anniversary!

    The votes are in! Here's the plan for our one-month anniversary guild photo: When: January 20, 10:00pm PST Where: Alderaan's big bridge (X,Y + map screenshot will be up later tonight) How: Be on Mumble and at the location no later than the start time. Being on Mumble is helpful for organization...