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    Where is everyone?

    Section B just states a belief in the Trinity. That's pretty much a given for a Christian. As for A, I don't think it means you have to be a KJ Only person, just that you believe it is inspired. Personally, I use the new ISV (check out
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    Patch 1.2 Trailer!

    Watch me. :eek:
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    It's a girl!

    Thank you all for the gratz, but now I come asking for prayer. My daughter was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect where one of the walls in her heart didn't completely grow closed. The cardiologist said she should be fine, but will need heart surgery sometime between 6 and 12 months...
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    It's a girl!

    My wife and I welcomed our second child into the world yesterday, little Chloe Alysa Hopkins.
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    I'll be setting up some group PVP times, however my 2nd baby is being born this week (if it isn't here by Weds, they will be inducing on Thurs), so it may be a bit before I have time to schedule something concrete.
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    Class Loot lists

    Yeah, an Epikfail... :rolleyes:
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    Unofficial Operations group starting - Please read and sign up inside

    Man I want to off-tank, but my wife is due to have our second baby in two weeks, so I doubt I'd be able to be consistant.
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    CfD - What Class/Role are you playing?

    So I tried DPS and found that I'm not a huge fan of DPS as an Assassin (didn't really like Rogues in WoW either). Soul is a tank once again and I'm doing dailies and PVP to try and gear him up. I'm also bringing up either a Merc or Sniper for ranged DPS, not sure which yet, got my Merc to 20+...
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    Application and Introduction

    Hey guys, I'm an officer for Called from Darkness, but wanted to check out some of the storyline for the Republic side. I'll be making a toon on your server soon, most likely a Jedi Knight (Sentinel).
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    Orange Items Poll

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    Orange Items Poll

    I'd also say that (especially in a guild run) if you have no use for an item, pass, don't greed. Like, I always greed if one of my companions could use the upgrade, but since I don't have anyone that uses Aim, I always pass on those items. Sure, I could greed and vendor the item, but I always...
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    Orange Items Poll

    All this is why I've been thinking we should use Lootmaster rules, not because we don't trust someone to ninja, but because right now if you need and win over someone that needed it much more, you can't transfer the item to them. Lootmaster gives us a sec to ask "Who needs this most?".
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    Best time for Operations?

    I agree with Ewoks, I'm on the west cost and don't get home until 6 to 6:30, and would like a chance to say hi to my son and grab a bite before playing.
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    CfD - What Class/Role are you playing?

    Ok, I'm gunna try out Madness DPS for a bit, but yeah, I'll be keeping my Tank gear around for sure. Assassins make very good tanks for group pulls, we've got a lot of AoE stuff.
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    CfD - What Class/Role are you playing?

    Ok, that is WAY too many tanks. Go ahead and switch me to DPS and I'll catch up with Bretta on some tips for the DPS spec.
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    CfD - What Class/Role are you playing?

    I'm level 50! After much thought, I'd like to stay in my tank role, however, if we're really really tank heavy, then I'll think about switching to DPS. I tried DPS today, but playing in all greens didn't go so well. Should we open a seperate thread for L50 toons?
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    Mumble fix for 1/15/2012

    I didn't update and things are working fine for me... ?
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    1.1 Patch Notes

    This one is HUGE. A lot of players have been asking for this.
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    My own AFK's

    And good on ya for following the code of staying logged in to do trade skill stuff every now and then, at least, thats what I've been doing all week! Got my Slicing up to 175 last night.