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  1. sdenotter

    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    So I used to play Guildwars about 2.5 years ago... Picked up #2 looks great! I would love to get an invite. I honestly can't remember my ToJ handle.... I have started the reactivation process for my account. ANyway! GW2 name: Misterkleen.5836 Character names: Iron Horn Sam, Kallden, and kleeera
  2. sdenotter


    Just so you all know, I hope to have my priest level 75 before the 7th, and to be able to make frostweave bags for all your new Worgens and what ever other toons you plan to roll! If you send me the proper mats for them, not only will you get your bags, you can help me level tailoring to 450...
  3. sdenotter

    For all new members of TheForgiven ...

    Yea, I still dont see the Members only section... my guild toons name.... Pudal
  4. sdenotter


    Hey Joe! Ill be interested in that... but paladin wasnt on your list... :( lol gimme a shout if you need
  5. sdenotter

    TF ICC 25 run - Sept 19

    As I would absolutely LOVE to bring Pudal, 2, is too early for me, as i get home from church around 1-1:30, regularly, and I just started a class (of which my lovely g/f signed me up for unbeknownst to be until last week) This class will likely run into that time slot. I however will do my best...
  6. sdenotter

    For all new members of TheForgiven ...

    Hey Guys, I've been playing for a while now, just dusted off the old account here could I get added to the Guild only section
  7. sdenotter

    2008 Get to Know the Guildies Thread

    Name: Sam Age:18 Home: Alberta! Guild: SOE PVP: not much, still trying to worm my way in PVE: finished Proph, and finishing EOTN on one char, Finished NF on one char, Finishing Factions on another char. I wont be IG much, because I'm off to Thailand for a missions trip (And to see my...
  8. sdenotter

    Weird message

    Yea, thats a smart call... I saw it, and decided to delete the message when i saw her name was banned
  9. sdenotter

    Paragon Build

    Paratrooper... FoW build... I tweaked it to my own liking... but basically kept 7/8 of the skills. (the aggressive crippler is fun too, and you can usually have fun with an ele build and anthem of flame, "they're on fire" and (i forget what the other flame one was) EITHER WAY... try it... With...
  10. sdenotter

    Fissure of Woe statue in Hall of Monuments?

    ok so which place are we meeting after? I can bring a (tank, Nuker,(factions only) Prot, Healer, Paratrooper, I have to find ToA ... for a smite monk but I'm totally up for it (lol remember when we went into UW (i was on Debora The Holy One) that was a blast eh?) anyway Yea i would love to...
  11. sdenotter

    Popcorn and I forming group to finish NF

    you guys still need this one? I can take Ashley out of her box and see how rusty i am on a Paratrooper. (my para is the one i took through all the missions with only henchmen... even the last 3... i paid to get the 4th last one i think :))
  12. sdenotter

    What profession are IlterInan's mini-minions?

    ele... kids tend to burn stuff unintentionally if they don't know the consequences
  13. sdenotter

    Devona's Tavern - the new Off-topic thread

    Hey MM, i found it, Just so you all know, Its "-image" added to the short cut line. Unfortunately, It has to download the ENTIRE game again... none of this 12000 file for just GWEN... unless GWEN Had 20000 files... lol
  14. sdenotter

    Devona's Tavern - the new Off-topic thread

    Ok so i just start GW:EN and.... I HATE WAITING FOR DOWNLOADING!!! can someone refresh my memory as to what the code to download the entire database onto my computer is?
  15. sdenotter


    lol well i am about to finish Proph, I have done 7 missions in the past week, (due to the holiday i knocked 4 off :P)And i went and got GW:EN two days ago... so if all goes well, I could be in GW:EN by saturday... lol yea right
  16. sdenotter

    Prayer for a bros buddy

    Hey everyone, A buddy of mine that i've been witnessing to for the past few years (who is close to being saved) had a buddy of his shot through the stomach and into his leg. Turns out the bullet severed the main artery in the leg. He's going into his second surgery, and his blood still isn't...
  17. sdenotter

    sdenotter's legal!

    hahah voting... wooo hoo... actually since im in canada... Im totally legal ... vote, smoke, drink... so to bars pfsh NEVER :) thx chris
  18. sdenotter

    Harry Potter Book

    I never saw Harry potter as a healthy dose of entertainment... then again neither did I see Guild Wars as a "health" dose of entertainment... just my opinion
  19. sdenotter

    I'm Back from my trip

    YES Canada is weird in a lot ways... the whole ... -70F weather that people call winter... the idiot drivers of Alberta... obviously the flashing green lights.. which would mean that you can turn on an advance... lol (i think anyway) But, great to hear you used your drive time wisely.
  20. sdenotter

    EoN Pre-oder begins today WOOT!!!!

    rofl, i have to get a mastercard so that i can get it... almost there