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  1. Vixveoww

    Happy Birthday Mordos/BAX

    Happy Birthday man :D
  2. Vixveoww

    Rolling toon today, hope for invite :)

    alright, I see how you are ;)
  3. Vixveoww

    Rolling toon today, hope for invite :)

    Darn it I have a lvl 12 destro shaman, but now that I know you guys are order guess ill back burner him and roll order, just need an invite when in.
  4. Vixveoww

    Anetheron Fight Strat

    and dont forget your Night's End Cloak[URL=""] I just need to go buy the recipe then i can make
  5. Vixveoww

    <<<<< 2 Vs. 2 Guild Tournament !!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>

    Count us in, Vixveoww and Jelnekia. I am SL/SL lock and he is Resto Shaman. Put down Jel as Capitan hes online more :)
  6. Vixveoww

    Rep Farmin in Hyjal?

    Count me in!!
  7. Vixveoww

    Sunwell Trash Run

    Your thoughts on this ?
  8. Vixveoww

    JUNE 14th Redeemed reunion

    As long as it's cool Vix and Indrael will be there!!
  9. Vixveoww

    AHH!!! I must now humble myself... is the best site ive found for XP drivers for vista laptops, but without your specific model im not sure if they have yours. :)
  10. Vixveoww

    Gruul & Lurker Results - 2/04/08

    Gratz Redeemed you guys and gals rock!!!
  11. Vixveoww


    Thank you everyone, your kindness is appreciatted and i'll still be around, just pst me if you need anything or to just say hi!!:)
  12. Vixveoww


    I would just like to take this chance to say thank you to everyone in Redeemed for allowing me to be a member of this fine guild, you all are great people and have been nothin but kind to me. I have enjoyed our time spent together and especially the respect that is given to God and every member...
  13. Vixveoww

    know your numbers (hit rating)

    Been hit capped fo daeeez now!!
  14. Vixveoww

    Warlock Specs!

    hehe, gotta support my Warlock brother.
  15. Vixveoww

    Re: Raiding Requirements (gear/stat)

    I spend about 70pct of my time farming mats and gold. My 2 cents, pick a faction to grind rep and put in some work. It's a win-win you get rep, gold, stuff to vendor and some to AH.
  16. Vixveoww

    Warlock Specs!

    Pertaining to the 0/21/40 spec, i dissagree with the mediocre solo PVE statement. I love it for solo PVE I 1-3 SB shot everything, but for PVP its el'stinko, to much standing still. Great Post Odd:):)
  17. Vixveoww

    my offical hatered of shatt

    Lotsa threat "I can do that" :mad:
  18. Vixveoww

    my offical hatered of shatt

    Sorry, but the entire post makes me laugh, hehe haha eh erhm.:confused:
  19. Vixveoww

    Seckseys & Walle

    Now I'm Bummed, I knew I should have came :(
  20. Vixveoww

    God vs. Science

    Probably heard it before but I'll post it anyways.. A science professor begins his school year with a lecture to the students, "Let me explain the problem science has with religion." The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and then asks one of his new students to stand...