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  1. Nazereth


    Yeah I haven't seen anyone online in awhile... I've been playing my Bounty Hunter, Proverbs. So if you see him online shoot me an invite
  2. Nazereth


    All my toons were able to keep their names, so add Nazereth to your friends list in case you happen to see me pop up online. Thanks!
  3. Nazereth


    Oh ok.. can I get an invitation??? :)
  4. Nazereth


    I already did, but I'm not in the Guild anymore for some reason :(
  5. Nazereth


    hey guys, I'm reactivating my account to check out the new changes. Are we all still on the same server or did we move? Edit: Nevermind, I just saw Grims sticky on the official server change to The Bastion.
  6. Nazereth

    Where is everyone?

    i just been busy with school, I usually log in late when everyone is probably sleeping
  7. Nazereth

    @ Nazereth

    hey man...sorry just saw this! LOL I figured your internet went down or something the other sweat. We'll hit the dailies another time :)
  8. Nazereth

    Some economic changes in next patch

    They should leave the huge speeders, but only ban them from being used in certain The Fleet. The huge speeders should allow you have passengers and only be used on the ground on planets. Just so you you guys know, you can be Lightside and use a red color saber. For example, my...
  9. Nazereth

    Fun Close PvP match

    awesome man, I bet your heart was pounding! haha
  10. Nazereth

    Hey Nazareth!

  11. Nazereth

    Nominate the second CfD photo location!

    I say we do it on Dromund Kaas in front of the Citadel.
  12. Nazereth

    Guild Launch Photo - Dec 20th, 20:30 PST

    Or better yet, Nar Shaddaa with the giant Hutt :D
  13. Nazereth

    Guild Launch Photo - Dec 20th, 20:30 PST

    I would suggest Imperial Fleet or Dromund Kaas, with the palace as the background?
  14. Nazereth

    Customer Service Experience... as some of you may know. I was having trouble earlier logging into my account, because I had forgotten what my answer was to one of the security questions, "What's you library card number?". Since I don't have a library card number, I couldn't think immediately offhand what I had put...
  15. Nazereth

    Name reservations

    Please save Nazereth if you can
  16. Nazereth

    Who is Planning on Playing what?

    Put me down as Healing Inquisitor
  17. Nazereth

    New officers!

    Man I would so like to be an Officer, but with schooling and all, I wouldn't be persistent in my game times. But, Congrats to you guys!
  18. Nazereth

    Who is from Redeemed?

    Then you are misunderstood. It's never the healers fault. It's the people who stand in the boss' AOE's, they pull aggro from the tank, they're Hunters....etc.