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  1. direpath

    Recruitment: [SOLA] World of Warcraft Alliance on Wyrmrest Accord (RP-PvE)

    Great to be back playing with these folks. Strong core of folks driving the raiding into Legion. We have daily guild activities. Usually when I come back to an active guild, I expect lots of people, voice chat, and some group stuff. These guys have taken the roof off with all of the guild group...
  2. direpath

    Black Desert Online

    Oops! Just for folks who are wondering, things are still going pretty solid. Folks are starting to gear out for end game stuff and just in case we get some griefers about. Well over the 50 mark and looking to push for 75 in preparation for node and guild wars. Great game. For those not so PvP...
  3. direpath

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    I'm such an MMO hopper but I'm hoping this one keeps me around. It certainly fills many of the voids I was missing in some of the other ones I have tried. I am hoping it can make it into the "always come back to" list with WoW and SWTOR. I'm not surprised some are not as in tune with what its...
  4. direpath

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Haven't popped by here in a while. I've been mostly playing alongside SOLA as they were playing a few more of the MMOs I am into. Hope everyone is doing well. I am playing BDO at the moment. Real breath of fresh air for someone who enjoyed Archeage as it should have been. Time will tell if Daum...
  5. direpath

    Black Desert Online

    Good morning folks, Just as a heads up, Sola has a pretty solid guild going on Orwen server for this game. We would love to see some more of our brothers and sisters come join us. I did not see any mention of a ToJ chapter in BDO. Feel free to pop by to find out more...
  6. direpath


    This is very true. I'm not planning on doing any crafting in AA (possibly at all) but I can still expect a very rich experience playing farmer and trader.
  7. direpath

    Hello from SOLA

    Hey folks, We ran into you guys on one of your fourth trade pack runs. I just wanted to say hey. We are obviously on Naima as well. If you need any help with packs or what not please feel free to hit us up. We would love to support our brothers in Christ. Our officers are as follows (in...
  8. direpath

    WE WILL BE ON NAIMA server!!!

    Good to see you guys coming over to Naima. I'm assuming the other guild is SOLA because we are there too. Where are you folks planning on basing yourselves once in game?
  9. direpath

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Archeage Alpha at the moment and loving it.
  10. direpath


    If you aren't grouped up with anyone, come catch us over in SOLA and get a ride on one of the clippers. If you liked rowing, the clipper will blow you away. It is spectacular. If you have a nice graphics card, the water looks unbelievable too.
  11. direpath


    I picked this up after seeing the amount of activity in our Mumble server for CB1. Amazing game. The questing is nothing spectactular. Run of the mill quests, but it does move you along from hub to hub well enough and there is only a handful of quests in each spot. Graphically the game is very...
  12. direpath

    Is the guild still active?

    I too have taken up GW2 again for some occasional play during the summer. Wildstar is amazing, but I'm just not feeling it right now so my playtime there has suffered as a result. I'm mostly bombing around on Kali finishing up that personal story and working on world completion. It is...
  13. direpath

    New Pregnancy - Praise & Prayer

    Right on and congratulations for both of you! Prayers will continue until adulthood ;)
  14. direpath

    Information for the List of Christian MMO guilds.

    Wildstar SOLA Server: Orias Faction: Dominion Focus: PvE/Family Friendly
  15. direpath

    [Wildstar] Christian Based - Family Friendly Guild/Clan - SOLA - (Dominion - Orias)

    I just have to echo what Ewoks said. The launch has been mega-smooth. Massive queues for those on the high pop servers. We waited an hour tops till login issues were sorted out and it has been smooth since, barring a few non-critical in game bugs. Last I checked yesterday we are sitting just shy...
  16. direpath

    [Wildstar] Christian Based - Family Friendly Guild/Clan - SOLA - (Dominion - Orias)

    I'm so excited. One day and a bit to go....Can I squee? Squeeeeeee!
  17. direpath

    Subscription Referral Codes

    Not mine. I'm off SWTOR, getting ready for Wildstar. The other three were all active when I was last on so take your pick.
  18. direpath

    Sale on Final Fantasy 14 (US Only)

    Just came across this. $12 at Gamestop $15 at Amazon. Need to have a US billing address on your payment option. Semi-bummed as I thought I would try it out before Wildstar launches but 'm sure it will be on sale later. Still, for those who thought about trying it, $12 is a steal even if...
  19. direpath

    Wildstar Chapter?

    I wouldn't post this if I thought we had enough to launch a ToJ chapter (I'd probably be in it), but for folks planning on playing Wildstar, I tagged up with SOLA and we are getting some good numbers over there for launch. We will be playing Dominion side on the Cassus (NA PvE) server. We would...
  20. direpath

    Characters Disappeared

    Operative (Imp) and Scoundrel (Pub) are my favorite stealthers. Stealthers with heals and a tank companion to start. Mega solo capabilities.