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  1. MaidMirawyn

    PvP unwritten laws??

    I should mention that way back when trapping was the way to go, Team SOE received a lot of grief about playing it from other teams. But we were good with it. Very, VERY good. (How do you think Paul, Derk, and I got to Rank 3?) I think people just didn't like losing. :p
  2. MaidMirawyn

    PvP unwritten laws??

    Here's the thing…there are a LOT of (very vocal) people out there who think everyone should create a unique build from scratch when they do PvP. If you aren't doing that, you're doing it wrong. They have put lots and lots of hours, and you, a n00b, are winning. That's not right! But the...
  3. MaidMirawyn

    Canthan New Year 2010

    Chinese New Year is February 14 this year. That's a Sunday, so they'll probably do the big event that weekend.
  4. MaidMirawyn

    Playing Female Characters

    And that's the recurring question. What does it take to count as a gamer? What criteria do you have to fulfill to earn the tag? Is it board games? Card games? Does poker count? Does it have to be video games? Console or computer? Shooter, strategy, or RPG? Or do you have to play a...
  5. MaidMirawyn

    Playing Female Characters

    Well, a lot of female gamers "hide" their identity online, too.
  6. MaidMirawyn

    Playing Female Characters

    It's been ages since we've discussed women and gaming! Does this mean everyone is finally getting used to the fact that women game? And that they can be good at it? I stumbled across an interesting article today at the Deseret News. The article—"Gifts for Gamers"—is a buying guide to video...
  7. MaidMirawyn

    GW2 2011- Beta 2010

    Likewise thrilled. :) His music does so much to give the game great atmosphere! Glad to hear drowning won't be a big issue. The short time I played WoW was enough to tell me that the risk of drowning if you weren't careful and attentive didn't add anything positive to the game.
  8. MaidMirawyn

    No PvP for Dorkelf & MM 11.16.09

    Due to Dorkelf's Week of Teacher Whining (also known as the elementary school book fair, which he has to run), we won't be leading a PvP event this week. However, anyone else is welcome to put one together. :) We were thrilled to see so many people show up last week! Hopefully, y'all will be...
  9. MaidMirawyn


    No idea where that one came from, Aleron, and I've been in this guild for, well, years. This one, though, is definitely ours. :)
  10. MaidMirawyn

    Central Transfer Chamber - the NEW off-topic thread

    Okay, for anyone who's lost…It's from The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Note my use of the British spelling of the title. Clearly, I'm just too cool.
  11. MaidMirawyn

    Central Transfer Chamber - the NEW off-topic thread

    Google knows it, too! Type the phrase below in, exactly as written: the answer to life, the universe, and everything
  12. MaidMirawyn

    Elbow Subluxation

    How is the recovery going?
  13. MaidMirawyn

    Central Transfer Chamber - the NEW off-topic thread

    I'm practically famous for my knowledge of the Answer to the Ultimate Question. :) At least among the old Team SoE…
  14. MaidMirawyn

    Central Transfer Chamber - the NEW off-topic thread

    But do you know where your towel's at? Are you truly a hoopy frood?
  15. MaidMirawyn

    Central Transfer Chamber - the NEW off-topic thread

    Topics are an illusion; this topic doubly so. And congrats to the odd soul who can figure out the source of my plagiarism…I pity you. I pity myself too, of course, but that's beside the point.
  16. MaidMirawyn

    Monday Night PvP, 10/19/09, 7:30 pm

    We'll be in the SoE hall at 7:30. If we have enough, we'll do Heroes Ascent. If not, we'll do Team or Alliance. I call ele or mes. :)
  17. MaidMirawyn

    Dork & MM not available for PvP Mon 10/5/09

    Due the death of a friend's elderly mother, we won't be around for PvP tonight. If anyone else wants to organize something, go for it!
  18. MaidMirawyn

    MON night PvP 9/28, probably HEXWAY

    I don't think I'm going to be able to play tonight after all.
  19. MaidMirawyn

    MON night PvP 9/28, probably HEXWAY

    I call mesmer; I think Firewalker and Raven have called the ele slots. :)
  20. MaidMirawyn

    MON night PvP 9/21 HEXWAY, 7:30 PM EST

    I guess that was kind of a no-brainer, huh? :)