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    The Forgiven & Quality Wipes Flex Raiding in Patch 5.4!

    I would be game to join up if you are still doing it. Not ready gear wise at this time, but that shouldn't take too long. Anyways, just communicating interest.
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    Mike & Bob's Raid LF 2 Subs 10/28 - Friday

    I can cover healing or dps duties. Both about equally geared, done all normal and some heroic fights. Shadow/holy priest. I will be hanging around in game if your interested.
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    Fail Pug Raid Group

    If you aren't planning on killing heroic baleroc on heroic in your current lock out, or you can already kill him on heroic, then consider clearing him before dealing with shannox. You clear trash on the way to Baleroc, outside his gates and kill him. You swap to heroic mode or not...
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    Fail Pug Raid Group

    If you guys need another sub I would be willing to sub on occasion. Pandaling is my raid toons name. Shadow/holy specs, downed all of FL inc heroic shannox. Old raid group kinda lost interesting in raiding and wow in general, but if you need a sub for one of your priests, give me a...
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    locks and priests

    I have enjoyed chakra in holy alot. It is very versatile, and I enjoy versatility and adaptability in a healing spec. Disc is a little more of a one trick pony. It still has large tool box of heals, priests in general have that, but alot of the throughput of disc comes via shields. It is...
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    Priest changes in Cataclysm

    Heh, The pally is a holy warrior exacting righteous retribution. The priest heals stuff, that is holy right? ;)
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    Priest changes in Cataclysm

    Check out my priest on Nazgrel Priesty link This is not an epeen link, but check out the haste rating. With this amount of haste plus raid buffs, I cast my shield -> penance with borrowed time -> Greater heal with borrowed time. HUGE single target burst healing with ridiculously fast cast...
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    Locks vs Cataclysm

    Check this Link out. Go to damage by spell and hover over each spell to check out the crit percentage of that spell, along with other info if you care to look. This is a 25 m normal in a group is that is failing on blood queen. There are not artificial crit boost mechanics in this fight. The...
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    Trial of the Crusader (10) - Mon. 8/24

    I might be able to bring Keymasher on some Monday runs. Those monday runs generally start too early for me while I am working, so as soon as I can get back to work it might not work out. Anyways, if you need a ranged dps sub, I can help you guys out. Keymasher's gear sits with a few ilevel 200...
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    So uh, Naxx 10 anyone?

    I would buy Jason being ruled by the iron fist of Meaghan :) In regards to the run tonight (Aug 29), I will not be able to attend. I will of course be able to continue attending future runs. Sean (Keymasher)
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    Chaska rustles her leaves ferociously at Yesmina

    Word is that any good tree lets Rhys die ;)
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    Emalon! Why Doth Thou Vex Us So?

    "Ahh, my eyes!" "Hes too awesome!"
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    Team Omega - Progression (What about Ulduar?)

    Pandacution, my warrior, has a smattering of some naxx gear and heroics for his tanking set. IMO it is not good enough for Ulduar. Holypanda has a pretty decent dps set, with a weapon upgrade and his darkmoon trinket he will be good to go. Still waiting on a weapon drop that I win the roll...
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    Warrior spec option post 3.1 nerf

    Sadly, imp two handed weapons was part of the fury spec before the nerf, so relative to pre nerf the damage is still reduced by 10%. Sean
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    Warrior spec option post 3.1 nerf

    I was tinkering around with potential spec options for the new Titan's Grip tax. Given the damage tax affecting white damage as well as yellow damage, rage gen nerf as well as damage nerf, I went for a max rage variant. Talent Spec I have not tested it yet, but I feel that Unbridled Wrath...
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    Sign me up ! I needz epiz !!! lolz
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    Dual Spec Discussion (loot, raid expectations, etc)

    My warrior will be arms/tank. My pally will be ret pve and ret pvp. In response to the questions regarding looting, I don't see how dual speccing changes looting systems. You sign up for a raid for a given role, whether it be tanking, dps, healing. Main specs have been and should...
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    Here is where you victory

    I had a laugh at this post. Link Sean
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    Hunters (BM) ...

    Yep, the hit cap seems to be in the low 8.x% range for yellow hits and one hand/two handed white hits. Another interesting note, I have been tinkering with my expertise a bit. I've been purposefully lowering it to find out just how much I actually need to be soft capped(push dodge off the...
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    25 Man Naxxaramus Run! (Proposed)

    I would be game for this because it sounds like fun. I just wanted to comment that I really don't think that being wholly familiar with 10 man naxx is really needed. Maybe its just me, but the early raiding content this expansion is really easy. I've run naxx with a few different groups, and...