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    New Years Pictures

    yeah same... goose looks soo... different
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    Tek and Ember get married

    *does the Harlem Shake* Woohooo Tek! =D
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    for those that awp

    that song still makes me giggle
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    Merry Christmas

    I finally fixed my AGP slot so you may be seeing more of me than you like...
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    Merry Christmas

    I'm early by 30 minutes... but oh well, I'm doin a buncha other stuff so I thought I'd do this while I rememered... BAHI! (bye)
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    Why is a curse word a curse word?

    Sadly I can't do that, I have many issues that I'd rather not bring up in a public forum so I can't keep things bottled up... it's a comfort zone more or less when I can be open.. but I'm getting better at it, heh. =)
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    Why is a curse word a curse word?

    and in addition... I have a bad cussing habbit..
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    Why is a curse word a curse word?

    I posted this a while back, I guess I'll post it again.. Mmm... fresh answers!
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    T.awe ownage?

    Mmmhmm.... I reckon they'll make that CAL-im... I'mma go make me some of dem french fried taters...Mmhmm..
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    I think I'm the youngest admin (16)... and exodus is the oldest cause exodus is ancient >_< ...actually I don't know who the oldest is..
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    it's just words... you guys know you're staff..
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    I go to the mall daily... =\
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    3R and t.awe clans...

    *raises skimpy articles of clothing he wears*
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    3R and t.awe clans...

    don't you raise your eyebrow at me..
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    My Farewell(cont'd)

    yay for persistance
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    #toj is back up

    Everyone should be able to join our irc channel again.. I think.
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    Chanserv went insane. o_o