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  1. DavidKetter

    Music on PureFun

    The problem is that Pure Fun is structured around the content, not the person/group that creates, there's gotta be a way to get around that. Tom: Structurally, would it be possible to make the artists "sub-categories" and then the albums ("content") could be attached to their...
  2. DavidKetter

    What are you reading right NOW??

    Okay, major recommendation to everyone: anything by Chaim Potok. I've read The Chosen, The Promise, My Name is Asher Lev and The Gift of Asher Lev thus far and they are simply great books. Now I'm reading a book by a heretic named Brian McLaren called A Generous's good for...
  3. DavidKetter

    Go un-moderated?

    I'll go with that reputation idea too. :)
  4. DavidKetter

    How do you get your Music

    I must just be poor...I walk out with nothing oftentimes. :P
  5. DavidKetter

    How do you get your Music

    Gifts in the form of CD and gift cards for iTunes... :)
  6. DavidKetter


    Indeed it is...a round applause for Tom McGuire, all! :)
  7. DavidKetter

    Another idea: Universes

    I was actually thinking of something similar...the search does a lot of that, but that would certainly help a lot more, I think.
  8. DavidKetter

    Idea: MusicWall

    I like it. :D
  9. DavidKetter


    *knows he will be stoned* I could never get into Relient K, actually...I don't know what it is, but I just do not like their music.
  10. DavidKetter

    Pick the next feature!

    I know it. :)
  11. DavidKetter


    Booyah! :D
  12. DavidKetter

    Pick the next feature!

    Very true...but I have a hard time believing that deviant minds want to advance a community of Christians in a sensible manner. :P Actually, deviant minds on the net would want upgraded user-profiles. :P
  13. DavidKetter

    Pick the next feature!

    Probably more than you think...I go by "DJ" in my family...not a far throw from TJ, eh? :P Great minds do think alike, though. :P
  14. DavidKetter

    What are you reading right NOW??

    Are Miraculous Gifts For Today? Editor: Wayne Grudem. Contributors: Richard Gaffin, Robert Saucy, C. Samuel Storms, and Douglas Oss. It's a great book on the topic of spiritual gifts...I'd really recommend it. :)
  15. DavidKetter

    Pick the next feature!

    I'm going for the user-submitted news. Right now, we need more users and that sort of thing would draw them because it's a more obvious form of content submission. That draws them to add other content, too. At that point, it's better to add other content features. :)
  16. DavidKetter


    Hehe...I know what you mean. I've taken a lot of flack for not taking the party line on a lot of things. :) That said, I do hope to see this movie at some point...we'll see if the busy college schedule allows it.
  17. DavidKetter

    The Prestige

    See, I absolutely LOVED The Prestige. I definitely agree with your two final conclusions. My only real critique of this movie is just the callousness to life that they portray in the two main characters throughout the majority of the movie. Otherwise, it is an excellent film that I would...
  18. DavidKetter


    I have to agree with Phantom...God created the human body and, morally speaking, that's certainly more Creator-endorsed than violence. (Not that I'm a pacifist, violence has its place, but God calls His naked creation "very good.") We've gotta lose this childish perception of nakedness =...
  19. DavidKetter

    One Night with the King

    Hehe...okay, Neirai. :) Apparently my sources were talking in terms most of us understand. :P
  20. DavidKetter

    Traffic Report: February 2007

    w00t for Geneva! :D