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  1. Sassperilla

    A gnomish complication (Chapter 1) The Ratchet Situation

    lol this is a nice, funny story Papatoad I'm glad to see its still going
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    lol nice..:-)
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    lol i can just imagine...Goblit doing it but Avesther...its a but it would be funny if anyone did it
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    lol yea guys are funny!! hehe and yea you can spam..but will you eat Spam??
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    Memorable times in WoW

    I think my most memorable time in WoW was when we were in MC and someone named their pet FJ and when we all saw the capture *Main Tank FJ has died* and started to panic...then we all started laughing since FJ was still alive and was like...wait a sec IM ALIVE!! hehe it was something funny to...
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    HUH!! what is this?? lol
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    Hey least not without me helping it along! :eek: and also, leave Icthus alone..he's in his own special mom got in one today when she was baking pies
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    Shesh you guys... dont you remember my threads are free to those who cant spell check FTW!!! hehe:p
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    LOL but of course without me there's only 1/2 the drama...hehe:D besides I'm sure there's plenty to talk about with everyone..I hear you guys are doing great all around! *Cheer*
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    Lol things are going sis says Hi to everyone. And for those who haven't noticed I haven't played in a long time because my accounts canceled, but for the month of December I'm gonna try and play some.
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    Nah I was just busying lately..I made varsity soccer, Jambres came home, and I have practice all the time.
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    I just figured out what my log in was finally so I can tell everyone that I think your all doing great, both in game and out, and to wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving!:D
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    so bored at work!!

    lol nice one Icthus
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    Numa Numa Man

    okay i felt the need to revive the Numa Numa thread!
  15. Sassperilla

    so bored at work!!

    wow this thread is still going grats Duk
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    Numa Numa Man The Numa Man has once again struck although i didnt find this song as good as the last one
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    Goblit come back u cant leave my lil warlock self all alone with all them boyz
  18. Sassperilla

    Priests Farming

    if im on hit me up normally im messin on an alt though but heh who doesnt know their names :-P
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    hey Cam sent u a friends request im Sarah RL
  20. Sassperilla

    Dukatt and his Avatar collection.

    His avatar collection will never end