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  1. Jaxter

    @ the Patriots

    and you did not think they would not win.... i knew they would just tank that game
  2. Jaxter

    Raiding this fall... *READ THIS!*

    I think u have a awsome spec dude! i love it but i look at the spec u have to have i mean just stay with yours! it is better :D (FYI it is in the Blizz TOS says that you can not make someone respec to raid. Or IE be a member of a origination out side of the World of Warcraft, to join a said...
  3. Jaxter

    canx account

    sorry to see u go camm but ther good times are always in my mind =)
  4. Jaxter

    What should Icthus do about the lack of spam on forums?

    get Galatians to ahhh quit life and take some faster typing classes? =P
  5. Jaxter

    Patches the horse

    10 3 goooood buddy?
  6. Jaxter

    August 10th might be the day:)

    ..... whos havin a kid next>? =P
  7. Jaxter

    August 10th might be the day:)

    dude hellomekitty island owns i played it for like 5 hours
  8. Jaxter

    Donner Lake

    Nathan is a nightelf? his eyes are BRIGHT!
  9. Jaxter

    Donner Lake

    i see u!
  10. Jaxter

    Next Guild Bible study - July 12th!

    are u meetin anywhere in game?
  11. Jaxter

    Come join us!

    what sever?
  12. Jaxter

    The Mustard Seed!

    what sever?
  13. Jaxter

    Hunter DPS

    just cause i owned a 70 hunter the other day on my 62 warrior cause he was bm/surv lol owned him while i feared his pet also he had no SS lol nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob
  14. Jaxter

    Hunter DPS

    BM is nubby to raid in a hunter should be in top 4 dps meters in a raid. if u are BM ur pet can do crazy stuiped things and wipe the raid. also marks is better for ur group with imp mark and tsa best things ever for rooges and droods
  15. Jaxter

    Hunter DPS

    Hunters that do Kara Should top 10 1. Have the Spec of marks and surv. (with trap mast) 2. Use a shot rot with stedy arcane and muti. Auto shot some times. ( Do not use muti shot when there is CC) ur crits will be better with a good shot rot 3. Use right aspects 4.Have gear with ap agly and...
  16. Jaxter

    That's the World of Warcraft That You Play!

    i saw it a few months or so ago
  17. Jaxter

    Listen Up!

    I think i will just e-mail u the jpeg format of them.