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  1. rev_rog

    Redeemed 2014

    Flamethrower. Glad to see you are taking the reins over! Redeemed has been dead for about a year and I decided to port my high level characters over to Emerald Dream. I am really bummed now because if I knew we were headed into a positive direction I would have stayed. I might decide to...
  2. rev_rog

    Get To Know Your Guildies, Vol. 2

    Name: Roger Primary Character: Eeve (Priest) Age: 43 Status: Married with three kiddos Game Achievement of which I'm most proud (at the moment): Leveling to 80 as a Disc priest when it was hard to do. Favorite Class: Priest Favorite Profession: Tailoring PvE Goals: Complete my tier gear set PvP...
  3. rev_rog

    Favorite Pastors / Podcasts

    I love Timothy Keller's podcast and R.C. Sproul's podcast. I also do a weekly podcast called "Kingdom Conversations." You can find it on iTunes by my name (Roger Legg) or here is the Link to my church website to subscribe...
  4. rev_rog

    HELP!!!! I need reinstated.

    I am now actively involved in WOW again! If I could get my main and alts reinstated that would be great! Planning on being around the rest of the year If anyone else wants to raid some together or LFR as a group. :D Rev. Eeve (Main, SP) Revrogolis (DK) Nitehnter (Rg) Sabeon (Mage)...
  5. rev_rog

    Did Redeemed Die?

    My account has been active for over a year but I haven't played in several months. I just jumped back in and am having a great time. If one of the officers could reinstate me fully to Redeemed that would be great! (Eeve main).
  6. rev_rog

    Diablo 3 Chapter?

    I completely agree and respect teks decision here. I am playing D3 and loving it. I see the game as a straightforward good vs evil for me. I am playing a monk who is a holy warrior driving demons and the occult back. Where it belongs. Also the coop in D3 is so seemless there really doesn't...
  7. rev_rog

    I've preordered Diablo 3.

    Does anyone know how to change a private game to public. I began my play through as a private game but I'd like to finish as a public game with some of you guys. But I can't figure out how to turn my private play through public.... Help.
  8. rev_rog

    I've preordered Diablo 3.

    Please ADD ME. I'm Revrog#1110
  9. rev_rog

    I've preordered Diablo 3.

    hey my battle tag is Revrog if anyone wants to add me.
  10. rev_rog

    I've preordered Diablo 3.

    Yes. How do we connect/co-op? via Battlenet? is there a TOJ or CGA group?
  11. rev_rog

    Tek's next desktop gaming rig

    YEAH TEK! I love building new systems and upgrading. I just recently upgraded my mobo, cpu and ram. Here is the hardware i used: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 3000 ASRock P67 PRO3 (B3) LGA...
  12. rev_rog

    Raiding for mounts

    I would love to run for mounts! I am mount poor currently :) (Eeve)
  13. rev_rog

    more graphics card trouble

    I love Radeon Cards. I have a 5870 that I bought about 8 months ago and haven't found a game yet that i can't run on ultra high settings! However one weird WOW issue. When I run wow in DX11 mode everytime I auto loot it takes like 7-8 seconds to loot. The game looks amazing runs great...
  14. rev_rog

    New guild rules?

    Hello everyone I just jumped back into WOW after a 8 month layoff. I noticed with Cata they have started guild leveling and guild perks. I was wondering if there are any new guidelines or etiquette policies someone like me should be aware of because of the changes? Is there a thread anywhere...
  15. rev_rog

    GW2 /whine

    Oh Yeah! I cannot wait for GW2. First day purchase for me.
  16. rev_rog

    Should we install low violence mode?

    Have two sons 13 & 10 that love TF2. And I only let them play on Fish Servers and the gore/blood is the reason they aren't allowed to play on our tuesday TOJ nights) I am all in favor of a low violence mode. I didn't even know that was available... It's interesting that TF2's art style...
  17. rev_rog

    DCUO Anyone?

    So no one but me is playing currently?
  18. rev_rog

    Any interest in a new ToJ Facebook Group?

    I would LOVE an updated Facebook group. I appreciate the level of depth of these forums but it seems a little overwhelming to me at times. I need simplicity. :) A Facebook group to me is more visually appealing and easy to navigate. Just my humble opinion...
  19. rev_rog

    DCUO Anyone?

    Hello. I was gifted a copy of DC Universe Online from a steam friend and was wondering if any TOJ'ers happen to play and if you do on what server? I am playing on pc. Thanks :)
  20. rev_rog

    Forsaken World

    I played for about an hour then kept getting disconnected... Was having a good time up to that point...