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    Glad to have you around!! Due to issues with my phone and then battlenet being down for a couple of days I haven't actually logged on for about 2 weeks but now my issues have been resolved and I'll be back on
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    Aack! Tawd (Todd) Meshach/Shaddrach is Back!

    Woots!!! Are you really back??? or just back for a 7 day trial??
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    The Forgiven & Quality Wipes Flex Raiding in Patch 5.4!

    Are you going to be posting in calendar or shall we just assume that there will be a raid each and every Saturday at 7? (I checked for this past Saturday, didn't see a raid so Adam and I went on a date ;))
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    The Forgiven & Quality Wipes Flex Raiding in Patch 5.4!

    Wend reporting for duty..ilvl 504..healer. What's our start date??
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    LOL..its been so long I don't remember how to reply.....I've missed you all..taken a break from WoW but am ready to get back to it.
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    Are video games your god?

    Good things to ponder!!
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    Disabling combat text on Blizz Unitframes

    hmmm..I use the blizz ui too....I'm not sure that I see the same combat text in the same way you do, specifically not on the unit frames. I do have scrolling combat text in the middle of the screen, but my raid frames are in the upper left corner so they don't really interfere..why are your...
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    prayers for ally

    Definitely praying!!! Lord, reach down and touch Ally right now!! If it is your will, make her completely whole, healthy with a super immune system that will fight off any illness or infection with ease! You sent your son that by His stripes we are healed, so in the name of Jesus we pray for...
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    Just wanted to say...

    Perhaps posting the same request in the general discussion segment of the cga rather than specifically under The Forgiven would get you an answer to that question. I'm not sure what criteria needs to be met to be listed under the Christian Gamers Alliance. Nice to see that you're still around...
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Are the pandaren banquests the 275 buff? and wouldn't it be better to use individual 300 food?
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Can you perhaps post who your team is?
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    The Leftovers - Raid Group

    Sadly Tues/Fridays are exactly the days I can't raid.
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    Fail Pug Raid Group - Pandaria Edition

    I've been taking my sweet time to level but some day I will make it back to the big leagues...when I do I would be available to sub heal
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    I think I keep deleting posts instead of actually posting goes again....Tuesday's and Wednesdays are not great for me, Tuesday is choir and Wednesday is a midweek program at the church....any other day is fine.
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Hey Bob and Mike: I think Adam has already spoken to you, but just to be "official" I'm posting here too. I will have Wend - disc priest - available to this raid, conditional on both hubby and I getting a spot (it really sucks to have one of raiding while the other is a sub).
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    Sachin1...are you playing in the game of guild? If so, who are you? (toon name/your name).
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    It's Tuesday, what happened to my Priest?

    My play style did not have to change except for the addition of sending out mindbender (shadowfiend) way more often because its on a 1min cooldown now. I need to think about mana now, but generally don't run out if I'm using the mindbender effectively. Seems like my overall heal throughput has...
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    Boomkin love

    Nah...its not about your mushrooms, it's about the tranquility while a purple skittle is guarantees that the other dps will literally die off. :)
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    Prayer Request.

    YAY Congrats