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    Who still plays?

    Sadly, no. I only hit 49. Was planning on working my way up to 50 before my debit card on the account expired (thus automatically cancelling my account), but alas better things came along.
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    Who still plays?

    I must apologize for being quiet for so long. I got to the point where I didn't have much time to play DaoC, and now have even less. But I do have big news that I wanted to tell everyone. I'm now happily engaged to a wonderful woman. We met at church and eventually hit it off. As soon as we...
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    Should Christians listen to "secular" music?

    I have been struggling with this topic for a while, now. I gave up 'secular' music 4 1/2 years ago. I decided I would try it for a week, and never went back. I then tried to decide that if I would only listen to 'Christian' music, what about movies, video games, etc.? What defines something...
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    I want to return...

    It would be nice to have you. I haven't been on much in a long time, but I'm hoping to get back on, soon. When I got my laptop, I was on more. I could take DaoC anywhere in the house (including in front of the TV)! But when I got Darkness Rising, it would keep locking up on my laptop (which...
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    I'm thinking about going to church

    I would agree that some people go to a megachurch in order to remain anonymous, but megachurches aren't a bad thing at all. In many cases, there's a good reason they've grown into that size of a church. Typically they had a good leader (pastor) who followed God and God blessed that church...
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    Gyllis about to reach 50 in DAOC!

    Stop remoniscing and come back! :) DAOC is much better than WoW, anyway! *ducks to dodge the flying arrows*
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    Gyllis about to reach 50 in DAOC!

    I know that some of you still may have a DAOC account but don't check the forums (don't blame you..they're pretty much dead), so I thought I'd post this here, too. OK...I just reached lvl 49. All I have to do is talk to my trainer and get the free level for 50. I'm planning on doing it...
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    Gyllis about to reach 50!

    OK...I just reached lvl 49. All I have to do is talk to my trainer and get the free level for 50. I'm planning on doing it sometime this week, but I wanted people online to celebrate. So if you still have a DAOC account, let me know. I'll try to post when I'm going to do it.
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    Darkness Rising

    Does anyone have Darkness Rising? I'm still not sure when I can get back to playing DAOC, but maybe soon. But, the other day, I saw a copy of the Epic Collection (that includes Darkness Rising) for $19.99. I figure that's the same price as the game on download. Plus, when I bought the...
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    Hmmm....I'm not sure which I should choose in the poll. This is something that I don't think about much (because I don't have any children, nor do I see any children in the near future). I want children, and the thought has crossed my mind several times. But I do want to wait until I get...
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    Can Christians Curse?'s all relative to the person. Some people think that it IS a bad word, but others take it as an OK substitute for another word that we won't say, here. Of course, I don't knock your opinion of the word. You have the right to your opinion. Also, saying it is a bad word may not mean...
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    Religious Discussion Forum Rules - Pls read and sign

    I wholeheartedly agree with the rules set forth for these forums. I have seen situations get pretty out of hand, at times.
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    Religious Discussion Forum Rules - Pls read and sign

    I haven't been around in a while. Missed this thread altogether :) But yes, I definitely agree. I've seen too many problems in the past, so I totally understand having these rules.
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    Can Christians Curse?

    This is a very interesting question, and many have brought up points that make sense. I, personally, don't like cussing. But can I back that up with scripture? In a way, a way, no. Many of the scriptures brought up here have brought up the idea of a foul mouth or tongue, but who...
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    Going DAoC

    I'd like to know, too :) I haven't played DAOC in a long while, even though my bank account seems to have $14.95 being sucked out it every month to someone named Mythic. I thought about getting back into it, if I can find the time. I was having fun with my character on the classic server, but...
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    guenevere server

    I've been meaning to get back on (after all I am paying $15 a month for it), I just haven't had the time. I still have a character on Percival and one of the classic servers (which one was it again? been too long :) ). I do have a hib character on Iseult, but I haven't played it in years. I...
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    Gyllis's Blog

    Yeah, sure, Angel. I know I don't get on DAOC much, but you can always catch me on yahoo! under obi_dawsn. I think I added you to my list at one time, but never see you on. My username is usually always logged on, so you can just send me a message. If I'm not there, I'll get back to you...
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    Gyllis's Blog

    Well, I've been writing on my blog for a couple of weeks, now, and didn't really have a reason for it. But since I would like people to read it, I thought I'd post the link on here. Let me know what you think.
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    Tek's visit to Albion

    Avalon Isle is pretty much the main portion of Shrouded Isles (in Albion, at least). If you port to Gothwaite Harbor (from pretty much any channeler/portal), you will find yourself near the low level portion of the land. That area should tie you over for a while. Of course, now you have...