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    Real ID ----- For D3, Starcraft, WoW, HearthStone, and really whatever Else.

    Here are mine various ids: - Hawkeye#1222 Steam = HAWKEYE_PEARSE Origin = adsfadsfsdf
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    Hello all!

    Welcome, are you in The Forgiven? I am been a bit absent but we have others on WoW who can invite you if you are on Terenas
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    For all new members of TheForgiven ...

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    Coming back to WoW

    Welcome back Patrick, just give one of us a shout, be happy to throw an invite out.
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    So long all.

    Hey, thanks for letting us know, do know we'll be here should you decide to return. Its been a pleasure John.
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    I'd like to join

    Welcome, glad to have a fellow brother to struggle along side with. You will find our pace to be a good fit for your schedule. I'm the GM, you can find me on any number of toons but best to /who The Forgiven, someone will direct you to us. Some of my toons are Esua, Rueage, Basshebeth to name a...
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    Thanks Randy for sharing, your life is a testimony to God's grace and what can happen when one person completely surrenders their life over to His will. I pray that God will continue to bless and keep you and that your testimony will move the hearts of the unsaved, bringing them into unison with...
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    Thanks for sharing, some of us have kept in touch via FB but not all the details. Randy, you are in our prayers brother. What He has planned for you can't readily be explained but He has only the best in mind. Lord, I pray for Randy, I ask for your healing touch on his body. I pray his...
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    The Forgiven & Quality Wipes Flex Raiding in Patch 5.4!

    Toons that are raid ready ;)
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    Playing WoW somewhat again.

    Still have 165+ ppl playing, pretty quiet over the summer which is pretty typical.
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    For all new members of TheForgiven ...

    Welcome, hopefully we can get you added quickly to our Members Only session and see you online!
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    Guild invite request

    Joe Klassen ... hmmm all that comes to mind is a fail mage but I could be mixed up, it has been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long after all.
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    Guild invite request

    Who are you? As for Tek's reply, one word - epic
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    Guild invite request

    Sure can, just find an officer and we'll throw you an invite.
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    Prayer request for Cgdoc519

    Many of you know cgdoc519, and he asked I would post a prayer request for his family as he just learnt that his lost his father today. This will be hard on the family for a number of reasons. Father, on behalf of my friend and brother in Christ, I raise Jason and his family up to you. I ask...
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Yeah given the fact we will wipe plenty, it makes more sense to just use up the hundreds of banquets we collectively have. I am working on my second 600 cooker and have sooooo many banquets, it is crazy.
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Looks like I can probably contribute more to the food side as the banquet we will need is the Panderen Banquet which requires a few things. I ripped this from a site ... "In addition to Way Banquets, there are 2 Banquets that do not rely on specialisations: Pandaren Banquet and Great Pandaren...
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    John, I can help with those golden lotus, Esua is a gatherer and trades the spirit of harmonies for golden lotus. Esua is also topped off on fishing and cooking.
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    If it is Saturday and not Friday, I would like Esua to join for the one night and I would speak for Anita on Wend. Esua is ilvl 475 with reps near exalted with anyone worth having exalted with. Just remove the low 1000 valor cap and we all would be overgeared in no time.
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    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Thursday and Fridays are typically bad for me as I travel on those days, Fridays 3 of 4 a month. I would not be able to attend Friday nights.