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  1. Jethiel

    Aack! Tawd (Todd) Meshach/Shaddrach is Back!

    *crickets* I couldn't believe this when I read is it true? Do all dormant mages (bar Haveomyaggro) have to come back now?!?
  2. Jethiel


    Thanks for sharing Randy. I haven't been on the forums near as much as I used to but I love seeing specific directions in being able to pray for you. May God's mercy and His abounding grace be ever near your heart through this very tough season. I would love to watch the video when it becomes...
  3. Jethiel

    The Forgiven & Quality Wipes Flex Raiding in Patch 5.4!

    Silly long as you don't bring a mage! Mages in this guild are always fail ;)
  4. Jethiel

    Guild invite request

    errr, I am Joe that not straight forward enough?
  5. Jethiel

    Guild invite request

    I am Joe Klassen and I approve of this message.
  6. Jethiel

    Guild invite request

    I think he needs to go through a detailed interview and grilling by Anita before being allowed in :P
  7. Jethiel


    Happy New Year everyone! Only a day late but it's still better than never. God's richest blessings on you all this new year and may we all seek and see Him in deeper ways. Joe
  8. Jethiel

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I haven't picked up the game but I really enjoyed CS for quite a few years. Was in the game since 1.3b :)
  9. Jethiel

    The Final Power

    That does make a lot of sense, if only it wasn't so monotonous to slog through all the dailies to rep farm...
  10. Jethiel

    The Final Power

    Oooooh, that sounds pretty sweet!
  11. Jethiel


    So, is anyone actually participating in Movember? My wife refuses to allow me to which kinda irks me so I just wanted to see if we have any other brave individuals. And if so, are you raising money as well?
  12. Jethiel

    Playerscore/Gearscore addon lagging

    Hey everyone, I was having major issues every time that I would open my character window and started pruning through my whole list of addons to find out which one was the culprit - hence the name of the thread. If anyone else has this issue I'd highly recommend disabling or uninstalling this...
  13. Jethiel

    Fail Pug Raid Group - Pandaria Edition said 'sweet time'... It would be great to have you along for the ride when you can!
  14. Jethiel

    Word Association The Sequel

    Block Planer
  15. Jethiel

    Fail Pug Raid Group - Pandaria Edition

    Character name: Jethiel Character spec: Fire Character secondary spec: Arcane Age: 36 Raid Experience: I wipe raids. ICC and Cataclysm. Do you agree with the provisions in the charter and is this something you can commit to?: Yes - but will require a stern talking to from the Raid Leaders.
  16. Jethiel

    help for a transient

    Hey! That's a brilliant idea!
  17. Jethiel

    help for a transient

    Yep, and unzipping and putting it in my correct addon folder. worked just fine on Sept am I messing something up? *** I am obviously doing something wrong on my's working fine on my laptop. grrrrrrrr
  18. Jethiel

    help for a transient

    well now, it seems Elvui is outdated again. I had it working a couple of days ago, and noticed it was broken this morning. I went to Tukui to re-DL and it didn't help at all. *sadface*
  19. Jethiel

    It's Tuesday, what happened to my Mage?

    O.K. - after now playing around a bit with the fire spec I am really, really enjoying the changes. The proc-before-the-proc (called *heating up*) is genius. Before it's existence my main pet peeve was the waiting game of chain crits to land before being able to use Combustion. This is a great...