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    Tired of being ugly?

    What event do you guys keep mentioning?
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    Thanks for the WvW last nite!

    We need to have a jumping puzzle night
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    Guild Event - World vs. World for Newbies - Thursday, Oct 04, 9 EST/6 PST

    Do the other guilds in our alliance know about this event?
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    How about a Necro thread?

    Phoenix, would you mind posting your build here?
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    The mesmer thread

    So i decided to try out the mesmer. Any good builds and weapon combos plus fighting tactics for leveling this class any of you would like to share?
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    All you Guardians out there

    Is it me or does it seem like focus has more defensive capabilities than shield on the guardian
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    All you Guardians out there

    Do you guys prefer shield or focus as offhand?
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    All you Guardians out there what leveling specs are you all going for on your guardians, and what are your favored weapon sets?
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    Bad Lip Reading - Twilight

    That is hilarious!
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    Does "Destination" matter?

    A book doesn't have to be a prophetic book in order to contain prophecies. Two examples are Psalms and the Gospels, neither of them are officially labeled prophetic yet they contain tons of prophecies nevertheless. Let's be cautious not to write things off in Scripture just because they don't...
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    Need help with my Tattoo

    Isaiah 45:18-24. 1 cor 2:2
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    Bill Nye, The Science Guy, Says Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

    The evening and morning thing came to mind in regards to some of the responses in this thread...another one is the fact that man was unique over all creation in that he was created in God's image and God breathed life into him. God didn't do that to any of the animals. I can't imagine God made a...
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    Get To Know Your Guildies!

    Name: Danae Age: 32 Position: member Main Character: Suraiya Moondancer ts: kunkali Playstyle: PvE/raid Occupation: SAHM Location: Colorado Other: I have great interest in alternative medicine and spend a lot of time researching such things. I like fermenting stuff (sourdough, sauerkraut, kefir...
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    All you Guardians out there

    So I think I've finally settled on being a Guardian (after using up all 5 character slots). I'm level 20 now and am having a really hard time planning out a build for leveling. Do I do a burning condition build, a symbol build, a consecration build, a straight damage build, a spirit weapon...
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    Hackers out in full

    No, i didn't play WoW with my gw2 email...i made a seperate email exclusively for WoW a few years ago.
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    Hackers out in full

    yes i get that request too and it says invalid link every time.
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    How we roll in my house..

    nice...that's what i'd do too
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    Hackers out in full

    I got an email requesting a password reset for my guild wars 2 account, and I didn't request one. Changed my email and my gw2 password as a result. Just so you all know, people's accounts are obviously already being targeted (and it's the first day of launch). Hoping they set up some sort of...
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    Paleo...minus the grits
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    What is the most important issue facing the Church today.

    i think the biggest would be false teaching...particularly with the emphasis of the Emerging (Emergent) Church. Those doctrines are really destructive to sound teaching and what Scripture really says and it's so prevalent...the seeds of those doctrines could be affecting your church and you...