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    That was a well-written reply! I have been in CS since beta 6.5 and have seen how Steam changed the game and how updates removed or adjusted the way the game can be played. But some things never change and that is when you get the two kinds of players you describe here. I play CS:S on the FISH...
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    The following errors occurred when this message was submitted: 1. Tek7 (Legacy) has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space. :D
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    NO WAY!!!

    Back for a quicke to answer some posts. Like Desalus said: The EULA prohibit the implementations of RL-stuff in the game (ir, religion). You can form a chapter or whatever but recruitment has to be done outside the EVE community.
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    quick question

    Old thread but here we go: The 7-day trial thingy require that you give out your e-mail address in order to receive a serial number. The client is approx. 500 MB and depending on where you live and what your connect speed is it can take anything from 20 minutes to a week (if you use modem).
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    What's happening to this corp?

    I am quitting "for good". I have said that four times now and always been back within a couple of months, so we will see how it goes. Character was sold for 500 Mil ISK, way more than I expected for a 2.9M SP char..but it had a full set of +3 implants and they are worth around 100 Mil sooooo...
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    What's happening to this corp?

    I quit corporation last night, and my character is for sale if you want it: Control of the corporation Tribe 0f Judah remain but I have an alt running the corp now.
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    Avoid this

    Yes I had a Tristan and with only basic missile/gunnery/mechanic skills I am a sitting duck when 3 frigates and 1 destroyers come flying. I hesitated when I first thought: "I got to get out of here" and soon I was in my capsule.
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    Avoid this

    The above means that I was taken out by a NPC, and a NPC that any nub should be able to handle. Apparentely I was not :)
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    Error verifying steam user ticket?

    VERY old thread, but I got the problem now and Googled for an answer, and found this thread. Here is what SteamPowered has to say about it: Linkage
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    A poll A poll!!

    PvP? Is there no...PvP in WoW?
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    The New Forum

    Yeah what about it?
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    Looking for you guys

    Getting a frigate is easy, being able to fly it is another thing. You need the proper skills to gain speed (Navigation, Afterburner, Micro Warp Drive), to be able to attack your enemy (Gunnery, Turrets, Missile Launcher Operation) and to make it difficult for your enemy a decent setup of...
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    Looking for you guys

    Unless you mine in 0.0 :) Nah, you are right. I recommend new players to run agent missions. Even if the payout is low (in direct comparison with some buy orders for high end ORE) it is one of the better ways to get a feel for the game, your ship, different types of fittings, as well as your...
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    Press Release on forums result in warning?

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    Looking for you guys

    I am doing a lot of trade and its like IRL stock exchange, you must keep an eye on your buy and sell orders every 24-hour period. Otherwise, someone adds a a buy order .01 ISK above your's order and you stop getting the items you are looking for. A lot of missions were removed in the recent...
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    About EVE Online

    If you train a skill it will not cease just because you log off, and you can always see how long it will take before you have trained to the next level, thus be able to keep up with when you need to log in in order to change, stop or start a new skill training session (long sentence). My...
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    The Dragon Patch

    As you are probably aware of, patch deployment is a painful thing, not only for the servers that have to receive the 1,000,000 lines of new code but also for the game's players. Since Tuesday several new bugs have been discovered and EVE has been unplayable from time to time. However, this...
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    About EVE Online

    Sent one now to your Yahoo e-mail address.
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    To all my old CS buds, this vid is for you ...

    Google Videos are awesome. I prefer the Star Wars version of Cops though :) Sorry for thread hijacking
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    Ethanol fueling station map

    Sorry my bad. The article was about gear that you can fit to your car that can handle up to 600 hp....