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    New Scam with Ingame Mail

    I received this message in game. Checked out the address through a Whois search and found that it goes to a Chinese outfit. Yet another scam operation in WoW to hack your account.
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    Hotfix coming - Threat changes

    Dev Watercooler -- Threat Level Midnight A post by Ghostcrawler on a new hotfix to be implemented soon.
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    Need some UI tweaking

    Can you send me the gold that you have there? I like the UI and have seen many many that I like, none that work for every toon I have yet though. My only issue I have with the custom UI's or any packages like that it when a patch comes out. When I had a pretty customized package once, it took...
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    New Venture for me

    Not a lot of true PvP gear in the 34 -45 range other than the PvP heirlooms and some items from AB and WSG vendors. Basically you would just need to find the best gear you can for whatever role you want which will most likely be healer or dps since tanking is not really needed. Heirloom gear...
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    CGA dedicated server hosting invoice due August 19, 2011

    Done. Thx for the service and hard work. Sent via PP.
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    What healer class do you play?

    Pssst! Shard is Rift, Realm is WoW.
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    Does this fit you?

    I saw this and thought, how many people would this work for?
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    What healer class do you play?

    Just my shaman Dren however at the moment she is taking a break from the healing world to decide if that is the correct path or if another would be better.
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    Mobile Authenticator Advice

    Oh, all my apps were backed up to my acct but all that does is when you restore, it re-downloads the new versions and installs. A new download of the mobile authenticator will still give you a new serial number which will still lock your acct. All my apps I downloaded through the Android...
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    Mobile Authenticator Advice

    and for those wondering, I posted the form to remove the authenticator last night about an hour before the Blizz office closed and it was removed by 9am est today. Pretty quick turnaround.
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    Mobile Authenticator Advice

    No idea. The new one has arrived today so we shall see if it works.
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    Mobile Authenticator Advice

    Samsung Fascinate (Android). Apparently there was some software issue where when I placed a call, about half the time the person on the other end couldn't hear me. If they called me however, it was fine. Rather than troubleshoot the software issue too much, other than a reset, they are replacing...
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    Mobile Authenticator Advice

    So, if you ever have issues with your phone and have a mobile authenticator on it, don't let them reset your phone until you remove the mobile authenticator from your acct through the acct services page. This also applies to getting a new phone. When you reinstall the app and then...
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    Mike & Bob's Cata Raid Group - Update

    Grats to you all.
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    Class Changes

    Not sure if everyone saw this post from Ghostcrawler from 12/28 but here are some changes they are anticipating.
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    Taking up the leaf at 85

    I agree. Without them, what would those poor Canadians use to heat their homes?
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    Wow keeps Crashing....

    Sometimes a big hammer can debug your computer as well. :) You can just send me the $100 for that bit of tech support.
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    Re-rolling as a worgen

    Locks, just like mages, are a bit squishy in the beginning. At least with a mage the frostbolt slows them so you can run. Warlocks just get eaten. It changes a little when you get your blueberry though. At least then you have a "tank" to help you.
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    Isle of Conquest

    And yay for me to be the first to post in the new sub-forum. :)
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    Isle of Conquest

    Ok PVP experts, ponder this. In Isle of Conquest, every single one I go in, people instantly start yelling "get docks get docks, it's the only way to win!!!!". Now, in the 71-79 bracket, I have been in a losing battleground 98% of the time when the docks are grabbed. The few times the...