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    Hi everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am interested in raiding. There are only select time where I know I am free to raid, but with a little notice I can try my best to make myself available other times to fill in. Your welcome to take a look at my toons. Astrex is my highest...
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    Word Association

    opps, I was too late with SUV...Road-hog
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    Word Association

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    Fail Pug Raid Group

    Looking to Raid Hey there. I would very much like to get back into raiding 1 or 2 nights per week, not fri-sun. I have 5 85's, Priest (Zeekee, best geared), DK and Pally (Chrio and Jerubbal, ok geared), hunter (Gedeion) and rogue(Tsaddiq). I don't know any fights but I'm willing to learn. Let...
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    New Raid!!!!

    new raid I would love to get back into raiding sense WotLK. My gear is only heroic level though, and I'm not as yet an overly confidant tank. Zeekee, Priest - DPS/Disc Chrio, DK - Blood/Frost Tsaddiq, Rogue - Combat (willing to change spec, but new to 85 so not geared at all) I can...
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    For all new members of TheForgiven ...

    Hey Everyone. Phil here, also known as Gedeion, Zeekee or Chrio. Could I get allowed into the members area please? Thanks, Phil