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    Application and Introduction

    Does the Guild on Bastion still exist. Is so and nobody is active can I get guildmaster? I am back from inactive from a year ago and find I'm not in guild anymore because of all the moving I suppose. Abimilech Lvl 23 Guardian (among others)
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    Request to Join HD

    Which Tribe? I believe the reference to the tribe of Judah is an identification with Jesus. He being of the tribe of Judah. This being a Christian group wanting to identify with our leader, Jesus (of the tribe of Judah), It's not exclusionary, just an identity. {The opinions expressed are my...
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    Yeah it probably wouldn't be safe for you over here. :D It's always good to know that there are other believers in Eve. Brad
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    Exclusive? You probably don't want to join our Corp then. We are a Christian Corp in the sense that we are not an exclusive club designed to keep the world out. We are here as a safe haven for those that believe and a light for those that don't. My vision for a Christian group in a gaming...
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    New member intro (EVE Online)

    Playing with the kids My sons are teenagers. And I've been playing computer games since the late 70's.
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    Chadley My family and friends started a Corp in Caldari space. Calvary Knights Templar. We operate mainly out of Samanuni in Black Rise. We are in the MST timezone. If you need any help or would like to join us for lvl3 missions evemail or convo me. (Caleb Kadesh) If your looking for a Corp...
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    No worries. Eve is all about friends helping friends. It is a hard game to get into by yourself. Hopefully if you want to try again or someone else is interested in starting we can help and make it a lot more fun. This is a game (IMO) that is only fun when you play with others. Some folks...
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    Interested to see how many here are playing Eve Online. Post even if you are interested in playing. The rumor is that it is hard to learn, but the truth is it is hard to learn with out help. I'm here to help. And I'm sure that there are others here that would be willing to help a new player...
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    New member intro (EVE Online)

    Hello, Just dropping a note to introduce myself. My name is Brad. My sons and I play COD4 and EVE Online. I may have run across some of the members in CoD4. My game of choice is Eve Online. my in game name is Caleb Kadesh, Corp is Calvary Knights Templar.:)
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    I just started playing eve online...

    New Corp in Eve. My sons and I formed a Corp along with some friends. Maybe if we could form an alliance or work together with some of the other Corps that have a Christian foundation. We are in Black Rise Caldari Space. Our Corp name is Calvary Knights Templar. Not recruiting necessarily...