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  1. JABHA_Creativity

    Project: Show Gaming Love

    There are developing nations that have children and youth that have experienced wars, revolutions, and hatred. They need to experience love. We are working with a few churches in Liberia, Nigeria, and Pakistan to bring them Christian games, games of love and encouragement. We are also setting...
  2. JABHA_Creativity

    Prayer Request for PROJECT: SHOW GAMING LOVE

    I have been talking to youth pastors and pastors of churches in Liberia, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Part of vision, within spreading Christian game designing is to reach those of developing nations. Many of these nations have head civil war, revolutions, and overall hardship. We CAN show God;s...
  3. JABHA_Creativity

    Goal of Bringing Christian Game Design to the World

    Thanks so much for this input. A bunch of the potential students are from the Philippines, and I am from Louisiana, USA. You may laugh at what I about to reveal. I taught, in the United States, for over seven years. I even have six hours towards a Master's of Art in Teaching. Making that...
  4. JABHA_Creativity

    Goal of Bringing Christian Game Design to the World

    Amen. Soak me with scripture, I receive it. I do not take your words as harsh. I have added instructors who are much better than my current skill level, in specific areas. With a big vision, surround yourself with those who have better skills than yourself, in very specific areas. The...
  5. JABHA_Creativity

    Goal of Bringing Christian Game Design to the World

    Hello, I am Jay Harrison, founder of JABHA Creativity. Here is the why, behind our organization and mission. I can educate others through games. Not only traditional subjects can be taught, but also character building traits. I am one of those back-in-the-day RPG players (Over 30 years). I...
  6. JABHA_Creativity

    College decisions prayer request

    Praying for peace. The Lord is able to work within us at a much greater capacity when we are at peace. Jay
  7. JABHA_Creativity

    Prayers for New Game Design Company, New Elementary School, and New Game Design Schoo

    Good day CGA community. "Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." (Matthew 18:19-20 NIV) In the next or two, I will be starting...
  8. JABHA_Creativity

    Dragons? Are they of the devil?

    I personally do not believe that the modern depiction of dragons, are of the devil. I too believe that dragons of the ancient lore were also known today as dinosaurs. In Revelations, John used words that he had to describe creatures and events that were not comprehensible for people of his...
  9. JABHA_Creativity


    Hi everyone. My name is Jay Harrison, and I am the founder of JABHA Creativity. We specialize in educational games. We are currently working on People of the Bible: Genesis. I have over 30 years of RPG experience, am an ordained minister (MinisterJay on other forums), seven years of...