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    Team Omega - Progression (What about Ulduar?)

    Is it official? And here I thought it was just a freak snow storm :( Guess I'll go put away the bbq. :D What's the point of trolling if you can't jump on something like this? :p
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    Jr.'s Choices for Wrath of the Lich King Talents as they now stand.

    Wow, I might just have to come back and re-spec to arms..... cuz that does look seriously shiny!!!!!
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    kara: team Maskowitz

    I might be able to commit to Friday nights, if you need another tank that is..
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    No, I see it too :)
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    April 2008 Imprimis

    Middle class is definitely the bread & butter of any economy. I'm not an economist, but I've heard and believe that. Its why so many 3rd world countries have lousy economies. They have the rich, and the poor, but very few in-between, unlike most developed nations.
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    Help with Understanding -> Being a Druid in a Christian Guild

    Hey, I don't have much wisdom to share, but just wanted to let you know that I've struggled with the same thing. Primarily more with classes like the warlock, but I think there are elements of almost every class (malice, cruelty, murder, cold-blood etc...) that just don't fit with who I am, or...
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    kara: team Maskowitz

    Is this run still going, or accepting new members? My Tuesdays should be opening up in a couple of weeks, and I've got a tank who's sort of at the minimum requirements for Kara. I'd love to get going with some of the guild runs (I had just about made it to the UBRS runs when TBC came out :(...
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    2.4 Test realm patch notes (big post)

    So its more of a legendary convenience?
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    Warrior builds?

    Other than the point in improved intercept, it looks fine to me. I'm not sure where else I'd put that point though. Maybe disciplines.... or not. I just didn't find myself waiting for intercept to be up much. I'd say save the points in fury for the end, except for cruelty. Take that first...
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    Warrior builds?

    That must have hurt :D Oh, and no need to shout...
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    Warrior builds?

    I leveled a pure arms warrior (with 5 points in cruelty for crit) and at about 50 or 55 I started putting points in protection, enough for last stand and improved shield block. (I think you only need 14 points to be a fairly effective tank) It worked for me, and I enjoyed it. Threat generation...
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    Wow, praise the Lord for the way he brings comfort and encouragement! Thanks for sharing that with us Steve. Blessings on you and your family, and especially Carrie.
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    Season 2 gear, favorite instances, blue posts

    Cool, thanks Alan!
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    Season 2 gear, favorite instances, blue posts

    All add my voice, I would never even read those forums, so I really appreciate the info posted here. Oh, and what's the name that goes with LarryBoy/Pepernoten?
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    Damage meter mods

    You could be right Sean. In my experience soloing, if I took the time to stack 5 sunders, the mob was usually down to about 1/3 or 1/4 health, and it didn't seem worth it for the extra dps from those last few swings (with a big 2-hander). Also it could be the balance of mitigation and dps...
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    Druid Healing....

    Sounds fun, makes me want to roll a druid.... oh wait, I don't have time to play the characters I already have..... :)
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    As the quasi-organizer, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came out, and made the run possible. Especially big thanks to Anita for helping organize the raid, and to John Jr. for saving me from trying to read Wow Wikki as we went. I appreciated that so much. I agree that we...
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    Retro Saturdays

    So MC tonight, 7:00 Server time, and we'll take all who come, up to 40 :) I'd recommend reading up on the bosses, just for info, this is what I'll be following. I'm sure it will be a learning experience, but not too much trouble. is a good resource.
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    Damage meter mods

    Just a comment on your PS. When I was a DPS Warrior, my dps seemed to go up significantly from soloing when in an instance, usually because I wouldn't get to wail on a mob with 5 sunders for very long when soloing (usually they were nearly dead if I stacked 5 sunders myself). With a tank...
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    Just generate a signature for Haveo, and paste that URL in beside Rhys', either beside, or put a line break in so it automatically goes below.