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  1. PapaToad

    A gnomish complication (Chapter 1) The Ratchet Situation

    A year I have spent reediting and moving this story forward. After a long and felt breaking conversation. have decided to not look back. It would be like re-writing the past. I will continue Papa’s and all of their adventures. New and crisp and going forward. We cannot re-write the past. I am...
  2. PapaToad

    A gnomish complication (Chapter 1) The Ratchet Situation

    So long, so very long ago I wrote these words. I know understand how Stephen King felt finishing the Dark Tower first book. I have been working on and editing the story. I have to start from scratch. Re-write the whole thing. I am a slightly better writer now than I was then. So I will take...
  3. PapaToad

    A gnomish complication (Chapter 1) The Ratchet Situation

    As the figure moved headed out he whispered a word of power. He appeared too darkened. It was not true invisibility but more an overlooking spell. People would notice something, but the face, shape and size would be obscured for the most part. Only the strongest willed and those of great detail...
  4. PapaToad

    The Cold Twilight (A Papatoad/Redeemed adventure)

    Papatoad Sighting! I have added to things: Papatoad Linkity!
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    A gnomish complication (Chapter 1) The Ratchet Situation

    I will publish in 2015 (Ten years in the making) It had fallen into despair. The once great hall was empty now. Covered in cobwebs and dust. Even the spider’s had moved off from this bleak room. It broke his heart to see it empty. He remembered family’s talking. Both warriors and mages alike...
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    Writing a Fantasy Novel

    hmmm I wonder.....
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    Fan Fiction Threads

    Hey where do I stick my Fan fiction? I would hate just to delete it:)
  8. PapaToad

    Zygor guide/addon - Blizzlegal or no?

    I like it, when I played :) Hi All
  9. PapaToad

    Love via World of Warcraft

    My fondest wishes to the both of you. A wonderful story. Doesn't get much more Epic than that.
  10. PapaToad

    Ken - Malohaut

    Better late than never. I remember quite well. Hey Ken, how have you been? I mostly play on Cenarion Circe and Thunderhorn, but I keep my toon on Stonemaul for reasons. BTW, yes yes i do rock :)!
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    Am I old?

    no more than me....tee hee hee
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    My Decision

    I spent 7 years in the US Army. 8 in the AR NG. (As a Cavalry Scout and Combat Medic/Triage NCO.) The branches are no better or worse than any other service. All Depends what your looking for and what you truly feel like putting in to it. Much like your Faith. I went more places and saw or...
  13. PapaToad

    The Cold Twilight (A Papatoad/Redeemed adventure)

    A year well, lots change and the flow needed to be set, and then I had to write two other web books. Not for the faint of heart but not bad. Theres a lot to plan for a Zombie Apocalypse. Bu that is neither here or there. I found the perfect setting and endings for each series and the new...
  14. PapaToad

    A gnomish complication (Chapter 1) The Ratchet Situation

    Wow, that takes awhile to get through, so another year pass. I pray everyone is well. For those who knwo me, Hello, for those who don't grab some hot coco and cookie, get comfy and enjoy. yes I know its been a year ...let me explain why..
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    Anthoni - The way home

    This was my 1st story, My 1st toon. Ahh to reminisce..
  16. PapaToad

    Know what I have not seen around here lately...

    Working on an few chapters :) You know your smiling
  17. PapaToad

    If you know these people...

    Jaz and Ruth should be on LOTRO i talked to them last year I believe when the old expansion came out. You should find them on that sight
  18. PapaToad

    Papatoads account hacked

    I don't know. I doubt they would have locked it with an authenticator without telling me. I have it back under my control now though, Thanks I will by a authenticator
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    Papatoads account hacked

    Just to let you know I took a break Jan 4th was the last day of my account for a bit, tonight a buddy said I was on all day on a different server an called my, I tried to log in and my password had an authenticator on it I contact blizzard to inform them. So you know if you see me on its not my...
  20. PapaToad

    Happy NEW Year Redeemed

    Happy New Year Redeemed, may your Walk be blessed this year with many many encouraging affirmations, and may any trails or tribulations you need endure; anchor your faith and resolve. May everyone have a safe and happy New year, and know for all those who names are too many to mention, that...