2008 Get to Know the Guildies Thread

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Legacy of Elijah Officer
In order to help us get to know eachother better, please post in this thread. As the leader as of 11Jan08, I will start. I am starting this thread in the officer's forum to allow each of the officers to reply first. Once all the officers have replied, the thread will be moved to the general forum to allow everyone to introduce themselves. (link to 2007 thread for reference)

This thread is only for introducing yourself, please limit yourselves to 1 post per person. No specific information is required and if you are under 18, please limit the information you post to respect any limits your parents may have set for you in respect to personal information online.

Name: Derk
Age: 32
Other info: Married, 2 sons - 7 & 5yrs old
Home: Zeeland, Michigan
In-Game guild: Both SoE and SOE (2 accounts)
Position: Guild and Alliance Leader
PvE/PvP preferences: Both
Primary Character: Loew Krug - Necromancer, 5.1M XP
Completed all chapters, 3 protector titles, Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer, Legendary Sunspear - Kind of a Big Deal
I have a level 20 of each profession except Warrior
Secondary Acct Primary Character: Eildert Derk - Monk

PvE Goals: Currently working on Elonian Vanquisher (26/34), Guardian titles (Hard Mode Missions), and Legendary Skill Hunter (170/291), EotN Dungeon Book

PvP Goals: Win in Hall of Heroes with a SoE/SOE team
Name: Joey
Age: 15
Home: North Carolina
Guild: SoE
Position: Officer
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE
Primary Character: Lil Destoryer lvl 20 3.9 mil xp
PvE Goals: gain the rank of People Know Me to obtain my rainbow Phoenix, get my obsidian armor (50something ectos and 39 shards down, lots more to go).
Name: Andrew
Age: 28
Home: Colorado
Guild: SoE
Position: Officer
PvE/PvP: Preference: I enjoy both but prefer PvP
Primary Character: Fiona Dredd
PvE Goals: Beat Gwen and get Kurizick Armor for my Necro
PvP Goals: Get more Guildies to Rank 3 and start doing more GvG
Name: Rob “Rho”, Heather “Kel”, and Ben “popcorn boy” Johnson

Age: 33, 33, and 12

Occupation: Network Tech Support for Fios, Mom, homeschooled Kid

Home: North Texas

In game guild: Both

Position: New Member Officers (commonly call “Assimilation Officers” resistance is futile)

PvE/PvP: PvE almost exclusively

Anything else about yourself you want to share:
You will likely find one of us online almost anytime of day unless we are sleeping, at church or on vacation. We have 2 accounts and are in both guilds. In general, Kel enjoys helping new players out where her lvl 20 warrior can tank through anything, Popcorn prefers standing around dancing and Rho ejoys working together with guildies to conquer the more challenging areas. We try to keep a full load of basic crafting materials on hand to help people get their first couple set of armor and a healthy supply of decent weapons to pass on to guildie’s growing characters

GW Chapters owned: All on both accounts

In game names, professions and current progress or goals:With 4 games, all the titles, and everything that needs to be done over again in HM we have a ton of goals. ;)

See Signature below
Name: Anthony
Occupation: Chores...
State: California
Guild: SOE
In-game Status: Officer, minion to Kel and Dea, Chancellor of Canada, Member of Team SoE
PvE/PvP: Both
Primary Character: His Traveling Monk (HTM)
PvE Goals: Get more titles for HTM, R10 Norn, Gaurdian of Tyria, R10 Sunspear, R8 Lightbringer. Do more of the "pro" PvE stuff (DoA, UW/FoW, The Last Heirophant..)
PvP Goals: Get R6 (at R3 presently). Get more exp with HoH/PvP. Win HoH again with guild
Guild Goals: Try and get to know the members of all guilds better. Get the officers together so we can better serve the alliance/guild. Bring the alliance closer as a body of Christ.

~Stc :D
Age 34
Atlanta, Georgia

Actual female; Married to Dorkelf for over 11 years
Graphic designer, book artist, and crafter

Guilds: Both, with Dorkelf
Officer in SoE, Head Counselor

PvE/PvP preferences: Both; don't get enough PvE

Primary Character: Maid Mirawyn, Mesmer Extraordinaire

Other Characters:
Tarabeth Charnay, Level 20 Ranger
Drian the Dedicated, Level 20 Monk
Adraea Silverwind, neglected Ritualist
Nadirah the Pure, likewise neglected Paragon

PvE Goals: Actually complete Nightfall and Eye of the North; for that matter, actually PLAY some PvE

PvP Goals: More wins in the Hall of Heroes with Team SOE! And more Alliance Battles. :)

Edited to add: Oh, and I hope to eventually get to RANK FOUR!
Name: Paul
Age: 34
Home: Metro Atlanta, GA
In-Game guild: SoE and SOE
Position: Officer
PvE/PvP preferences: Both
Primary Characters: Axe Me No Questions, Autumn Moonbrooke, Paulus Secundus, Runsweth Scissors
PvE Goals: Need to complete NF and EoTN campaigns, want to eventually get cool armor for the above characters
PvP Goals: Win HoH with Team SOE
(is that all the officers?)

Name: Chris
Age: 25
Other info: Married, 1 sons - 6 months old
Home: Little Rock, Arkansas
In-Game guild: SoE, though i did do a little stint in SOE at its inception
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE
Primary Characters: (See Sig)

PvE Goals: various quests, finishing up all 3.5 chapters, get maxed titles
Name: Chad (Charles, if you prefer)
Age: 21
Occupation: Student and Tax prep
State: Texas (originally from KS)
Guild: SoE
In-game Status: Member who occasionally flakes when school gets busy...
PvE/PvP: Both
Primary Character: Chadley Bradley (Me/*)
PvE Goals: Beat the Factions and Nightfall campaigns and EotN (even though I said that last year). Start the Vanquisher Title track.
PvP Goals: Win HoH. Gain Rank 3 and get my own glowy deer!
Guild Goals: I'd love to see us get into some AB and GvG battles. Not that I don't love HA, but those seem really fun. Also, I really like the xFire calendar thing with all the events that pop up. We should make sure every irregular event gets put on there too.
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Name: Mist
Real Name: Daniel :)
Occupation: College
-- which means I have little time to play GW till summer... Oh well, still love you guys :D
Passtime: Secret ;)
Name: Joshua
Age: 28
Occupation: Personal Banker at Citibank, becoming a Teacher though (my career choice)
Home: Heaven
In game guild: SoE

Position: Officer - here to help
PvE/PvP: PvE almost exclusively (RESIDENT PRE JUNKIE)

Anything else about yourself you want to share:
Wife, 2 kids. Usher at Church. Work full time, shool full time.
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Name: David
Occupation: College Student: Games and Simulation Development. Also interning at a programming place.
State: Oregon
Guild: SOE
Characters: Elarador Nessa(main one. Ele, beat Prophecies and Nightfall, almost done with GWEN), Rheir Nessa(In the middle of both Nightfall and GWEN), Adonai Nessa (Just starting Nightfall).
PvE/PvP: PvE
PvE Goals: Finish up GWEN, get Factions.
PvP Goals: Actually learn it sometime....
Guild Goals: Eh, I really should talk in the alliance chat some... lol.
Name: Troy (Nev in-game)
Age: 25
Occupation: Grunt
State: Iowa
Characters: Nevyn Zeddicus, Kentara Zeddicus, random PvP character usually something ending in "cupcake"
Guild: SOE
Protector of Tyria, Cantha, Elona, finished EoTN, Legendary Skill Hunter
Goals: Max Delver, Sunspear, Lightbringer, Sweet Tooth, Vanquisher and Guardian titles, do more Random Arenas and get used to PvP in general in the faint hope of seeing something beyond the first area of HA.
Name: TJ
Age: 20 (21 on Feb 3)
Other info: Computer Science Major, work at the college as a computer technician
Home: College of the Ozarks, Missouri
In-Game guild: SoE
Position: Member
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE. I'd like to do more PvP, but I keep getting sidetracked.
Primary Character: Pyril Stormhand. My other chars are in my sig.
Completed all chapters and EoTN and have a level 20 of each profession except a Nec and Mes.

PvE Goals: Legendary Protector, and the "My Guild Hall Smells of Rich Mahogany" title. BEAT SLAVER's EXILE.
PvP Goals: ...Play some more. Though if you see me on my ranger, I'm probably in AB. :cool:
Other Goals: Play more with the guildies/alliance. ...but again, I'm prone to distraction or the events happen right at the time I do homework/get done eating/attend a convocation. Ahh, someday.
Oh! And I want to get Obsidian Armor for my Rit.
Name: John
Age: 24
Other info: Married for 3 years, have two sons Jerry 2 (3 in april), Arthur 1
Home: Naptown (Indianapolis)
Occupation: Software Support (Going to school for Information Tech)
In-Game guild: SoE
Position: Member
PvE/PvP preferences: PVE
Primary Character: Lately; Healing Ashes (HM Hydra and Corsair farming), Arthur Solomon (HM solo Nolani Academy)
PvE Goals: Do more FoW, UW and DoA, ultimately solo each.
PvP Goals: Whats PVP? :)
Other Goals: Deck the Hall of Monuments before GW2 comes out!
Name: Chris
Age: 24 years
State: Arizona
College: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, majoring in Aeronautical Science (commercial pilot)
Guild: SOE
Main Pve Character: Chris the Nimble (ranger)
Favorite PvP classes: Ranger,Rit, and Monk.
Pve Goals: Finish GWEN
PvP Goals: Get rank 3 in hero title and rank 3 in gladiator title. Continue to rank up in Kurzick title (currently rank 5)
guild:Spirit of Elisha
PvE/PvP:pve sofar but looking for someone to hold my hand in pvp
main:Dj Morphosis
pvp goals:play some pvp
pve goals:make 1000plat and get the endgame worrior armor that looks like souron and armer for the assassin that looks like a ninja when dyed black
other junk:i have 1 twin brother who uses 2 charecter slots so unless im you see my main or King Edom or The Rayderz it might be him, oh and im awsome!
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Name: Jonathan
Age: 19
Home: Hollywood, Florida (Now in Fairbanks, AK)
Occupation: Senior in Highschool (less than 4 credits to go!)
In-Game guild: SoE
Position: Member
PvE/PvP preferences: PVE
Primary Character: Lazarus Kadyr -- Paragon/*Any*
PvE Goals: Complete the NF and Proph campaign
PvP Goals: Um... win in some good matches against large groups
Other Goals: Get some Elite armor for my guys
Name: Donnie
Age: 25
Other info: Married 1.5 years and counting ;)
Home: Kansas City Metro, KS
In-Game guild: LoL
Position: Member
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE... Starting to enjoy PvP
Primary Character: Little Master Jones - Necromancer, 1.2M XP Protector of Tyria, Tyrian Pathfinder, 9/13 Canthan Protector

PvE Goals: All characters complete their home story, as many titles as possible on my Necro, Survivor Sin, LDoA Toon (not started), start filling halls :D

PvP Goals: Win in Hall of Heroes with a SoE/SOE team
Name: Ishy (Michelle)
Age: 32
Other info: Single, working on a post-baccalaureate elementary teacher's certification
Home: Atlanta
In-Game guild: SoE
Position: Noob
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE
Primary Characters: Carynna Casen - D/E PvE, Andawyn Far - E/Me PvP
Secondary Characters: Abolished Summer - P, Silent Static Haze - R
PvE Goals: Get a character to 20
PvP Goals: Feel comfortable knowing what I'm doing?
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