490 and 102.4%


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490 and 102.4% are one of the many numbers a tankadin has to worry about. These two numbers specifically deal with mitigation and dealing with spike damage. They are very important numbers to focus on to be a heroic/raid tank.

First up is 490 Defense. 490 defense is the point that you become uncritable. This is an important step because crits are spikes in damage. Tanks are expected to take damage, that is their purpose in the raid. So effectively mitigating spikes in damage that can catch your healers off guard is a high priority.

The next stat is 102.4% combined mitigation from miss, dodge, parry and block. At this point your are uncrushable. Crushes are another form of spike damage and becomes a tankadins next priority after hitting 490 defense.

There are lots of gear and talent choices that will help you along the way. Because Tankadins have to go at more stats to become viable tanks, it is important to pickup key talents like Anticipation and Holy Shield/Improved Holy Shield. Anticipation adds to your base defense and Holy Shield adds a base 30% mitigation (35% with libram).

The following worksheet is from Zen Tanking and lists gear choices for Tankadins. It shows their defense and mitigation contribution. It can be a great list to help focus your efforts on obtaining the right gear.