8 Years of History in 8 Days: Day 1 (May 20, 2007)


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From an e-mail dated May 25, 1999:
Welcome to the first official discussion list e-mail of the Tribe of Judah!
I am proud to announce that we currently have nine members, including myself. I trust this is a solid start for a clan. There are still four open invitations to interested parties, so membership may increase soon.

I'd like to take this opportunity to fully introduce myself. My handle is Tek7, though I sometimes go by the name Isaiah. I am the webmaster of the now-defunct Sounds of Starcraft, as well as head administrator and lead writer of "The Battles of Dylar IV," a collaborative fan fiction effort. I am nineteen years old (as of this past Saturday) and plan on attending college this fall. I am currently seeking a job involving computer repair in order to save up to buy a car.

I started this clan after an extensive, and unsuccessful, search for Christian Starcraft. Encouraged by Christian groups for other games, I decided to post a message on Battle.net to see if there was a similar interest among other Christians. Response was almost immediate, and so I began sketching out a charter for the clan. Since then, I have been working to establish a home for the clan.

Thanks to Winters Bot, we are able to have a channel dedicated to our clan, though it is limited to the time I am online. If anyone is interested in creating a second bot for our clan, please contact me.

Thanks to eGroups, we have this discussion list, which not only allows us to keep in contact easily, but also features polls, calendars, and other accessories.

Thanks to Geocities, we have a space held for our clan website. The site may not remain here forever, but it is an excellent place to begin.

As you can see, I am hard at work to create a home for our clan, and hope to finish a preliminary website by the end of this week. After these first projects are completed, I plan on asking several prominent Starcraft sites to post news about our clan, so that we might add to our roster. By then, I hope to have a simplified method of informing others about the purpose and unique nature of our clan.

Now that the ice is broken, please reply to this e-mail with at least your Battle.net handle so your fellow clan members might locate you for a game.
Also, those of you who have not installed ICQ, please do so this week. You can find the client software at http://www.icq.com/download. You can find further information about ICQ at their website. When you have installed the program, contact me at #10201327.

I hope to speak with all of you soon! Good day, and God bless.

Tek7 †
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