8 Years of History in 8 Days: Day 5 (May 24, 2007)


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From a forum post by Rizz dated January 28, 2003:
rizz said:
Ok heres the announcement that youve been waiting for. The team listing for the new Ranger and NavySeal squads that replace the B team.

Remember you dont have to have a different nametag. But when we scrim you might want to adopt Professional Tags Which you can read about in the A team forum (passwords will be emailed to members).

Ok now the lists.....

Ranger Team Leaders..
Creshinbon and Rizz
Ranger Team members
Mahfrot, Frosted, Demonhunter, Amusedtoe, Amorphus, Izip, Wedge, Chaossniper.

Navyseal Team leaders
Zealot and Rizz
Navyseal Team members
Humbucker, Exodus, Cheiftain, Lithonis, spaceghost, elihu, chickn-dreamer, drummergirl.

So there you go. Please reply to this with your ToJ name and email if you want to be put on the waiting list. You will be put wherever the hole is..lol