8 Years of History in 8 Days: Day 8 (May 27, 2007)


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From a forum post by Tek7 dated August 30, 2006:
Greetings, fellow Tribe of Judah members!

I've decided to start posting a "Presidential Address" thread on the third Saturday of each month. Here's hoping I can stick to that schedule.

There's a lot of excitement in Tribe of Judah right now. With a new web site, courtesy of SirThom, two new chapters (EVE Online and Lord of the Rings Online) added today, our upcoming Real-time Strategy Section, and new staff members joining our team, we're on the move!

Since I recently started a full-time job at a local company, I've had to re-examine my priorities and my schedule. Tribe of Judah and the Christian Gamers Alliance are still very important to me; I remain confident that both ToJ and CGA have tremendous room for growth and even greater ministry. But my heart is also with my writing. It's my sincere hope to write and get a short story published in the next few months. My reduced free time also means that time with my wife is more precious as well.

For these reasons, I've decided to change my leadership style to allow staff members more freedom and further delegate responsibility, not just for Tribe of Judah's maintenance, but its growth as well. I'll be keeping an eye out for members with initiative, self-discipline, and maturity. As I appoint new staff, I'll be sharing control over Tribe of Judah's direction and growth. I admit the micro-management faction of my brain looks on this new approach with a bit of anxiety, but I have faith in our members and, more importantly, in the Lord, who has already blessed us with seven great years.

In response to my new schedule, I've also decided to plan for "office hours" each Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Central. When possible, I will set aside these two hours to work on administrative tasks for both Tribe of Judah and the Christian Gamers Alliance. I also plan to idle in the "Tribe of Judah [toj.cc]" channel on the Christian Gaming TeamSpeak server hosted by Christian Crew. See this thread for more information on this channel.

In closing, here are a few important threads to read, if you haven't already:
And for our World of Warcraft players: Staff positions for Mustard Seed Conspiracy, August 2006
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