A letter from afar


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The stranger has been walking for miles...his feet getting sore, but he knew it just had to be around here somewhere. Walking around in circles in the new land, he finally decides to get directions to the Caerwent Market, for he knew that his location would be near there.

The streets of the market were quite empty. Many of the local villagers probably out hunting or fighting for the realm. Stepping outside the gates of the market, the man sees the village across the river. It just had to be it.

Pressing on, the stranger finds his way across the bridge and looking towards the village he can barely see a glimpse of what he has been looking for. The red and white colors of the banners in front of the house gave the man a little more endurance. Ignoring the pain in his feet, he ran towards the houses and sees the tower and cross emblem of the ones he has heard so much about....the Knight of the Trinity.

He approaches the door of the guild hall and knocks. No one answers. Again and again...he tries the other two homes in the village, and still no one.

Returning to the guild hall, he reaches into his pouch and pulls out a letter. Not seeing anyone around, he slips it under the door, pushing it hard enough to make it fly into the room in hopes that someone would find it.

It reads:

"Dear friends...I deeply regret that I can not come to see you personally. I miss you all ever so much. But unfortunately, various things are keeping me away. I have sent my friend to you, in hopes that he will be able to help you in anyway possible according to the Lord's will. I have given order that if he does not find you at the guild home, to find someway of contacting you. However, you may not know who he is. I keep his identity secret, for reasons I shall keep to myself. Maybe God will reveal him to you.

Maybe one day, if it be God's will, I shall return. Until then, please welcome my friend as you would me. I trust him with all my previous duties, especially within the church.

Take care, and may God bless all of you.

Your brother in Christ,



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It had been a hard weeks journey. Sailing the open sea and exploring the new found areas of Atlantis. Jazmina and Blednnyn had been very busy and away from the guild hall for some time in search of ways they could assist those in need who had been discovered. Arriving in town Jazmina felt a sense of relief as she approached the great hall. She entered the hall and went right to the desk. As she approached the desk she felt her foot brush against something. There was a parchment at her feet. She pick it up and read the contents of the letter. "Oh how wonderful to hear from Gyllis" she thought. It is good to know he is safe. She thought about the stranger mentioned in the letter and recall receiving an urgent message on her travels. I wonder if this friend is the mysterious stranger she was told of earlier in the week. She didnt know much about this person other then his profession of faith had reassured her he belonged with the Kot family in some way. But no one mentioned this stranger might have been sent by Gyllis. She would have to look into it to see if this stranger is one and the same.


Chivah limped into the Trinity home next to the guildhouse.  After painfully removing his armor, he dons a loose tunic that is more kind to his bruises.  Over on his nightstand was a letter with a handwriting that was quite familiar to him.  Quickly, like a child who had just found a new toy, Chivah snatched up the parchment and race upstairs to a better lit area.  His mouth smiled and his eyes twinkled as he absorbed each letter.  It was indeed a pleasure to hear from his old friend again.

Opening the desk drawer, he pulls out a blank parchment as well as a quill and bottle.

"My dearest brother in Christ Jesus,

  It is truly good to hear from you again, and I am thankful that you are alive and well.  Do not feel bad that your presence is not here with us, for I know all too well that God sometimes needs us out in the field.

  I have been in contact with your friend and messenger, though he seems not to want to hang around too long.  He is a fine man in Christ and it is a blessing to have met him.

  Things around here are going well.  The spiritual war has been rough lately, but there have been some progresses made.  We also have an upcoming alliance meeting and I am hoping to partake in a larger role to assist them.  I feel if I can network with the people of Camelot, I may better share the light of Christ in inconspicuous ways.

  Our guild is still going strong and we have already had a few enjoyable adventures.  We are all praying for you, but we know you to be in God's hands.  Do not forget us as you go about God's work, and please update us when you can.

  May the peace of the Lord our God be with you throughout all your trials and adventures.

Your friend in Christ Jesus,