A Letter to Malohaut


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<a letter which has traveled all the way from Hibernia is delivered to the Knights of the Trinity guild house, addressed to Malohaut>

Anamchara Malohaut,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am so sorry for not contacting you sooner, but it has been extremely difficult to find someone willing and able to carry a letter between the realms.

But assuming this one manages to find its way to you, I wish first and above all to thank you so much for the time you spent in answering all my silly questions. I had hoped to stay in Albion longer and certainly had hoped to see you again before I left..but it seems that was not meant to be. But you sealed for me what I think I already knew in my heart - the truth of the One God and his Savior Son. I am so happy to live in this knowledge now.

At times it has been difficult living in a circle where such knowledge is not accepted and sometimes ridiculed, but it does nothing to weaken my trust.

Perhaps someday I will be able to return to Albion, and if this happens, I hope that I will see you again. But until then, I will do my best to live in the love of the Christ and share this love with all those I meet.

Forever grateful,


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< Kharria slips her hand in her backpack to retrieve some item, when she discovers a letter that was not there before, but it bears her  name and the unbroken seal of The Knights of Trinity>

Greetings and salutations Sister Khairra,

I pray you this letter finds you in good health and strong in the Lord. From your letter, I do not think you knew Anamchara Malohaut had left for seas south. We are sadden by his sudden departure, but glad he heeds Gods call in his life. When I first met him I knew I had found a fellow sword brother in Christ. I will miss him dearly. But, God moved him on his journey and the Knights blessings go with him.

I pray you are blessing others as Malohaut blessed you, with respect to our Lord Christ. Please be encouraged and know you are prayed for and admired for your fortitude to hold on to truth. Live in the Lord and seek him always. From time to time try and send what news you can of God’s great work in your life, for you will never be alone again, for the Living God, lives in you. You are a daughter of the King most high. Know your Identity in Christ and live in it always.

Farewell for now,

Montrez Anthony
Knight of the Trinity


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<Khairra blinked in surprise to find the letter there, but upon seeing the Knights of the Trinity seal, her breath caught in her throat. She was not sure what to expect - she could only hope it was not bad news...

She read over the note once and then again, the clutched it to her, smiling. To know Malohaut was safe, and just to receive word back from the guild that had done her such a service was definitely good news.

In fact...she found it only increased her desire to return to Albion someday soon...>


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The Darkness moved. Montrez opened his eyes slowly and did not move. Someone was in the room with him, he could not see the thing, nor could he hear or taste it in the air. A thousand images and personal enemies flooded his mind. But a small still voice in his head said, clam, you are safe. An assassin would have killed you by now.

Montrez asked in a voice dry and gravelly with sleep. “Is it done?”
“Yes” a low soft voice answered. “As you commanded I did.” There was hint sarcasm in the voice.
“Good, I thank you” There is gold in my top drawer of my desk. But, I am sure you have found it already” The Large Briton stated.
“Do you really think you will be forgiven for your sins?” Asked the low voice in genuine curiosity.
“Yes” Montrez stated flatly
“I have known you most all your life; we have trained and killed together, in a world that does not promote close ties. You and I are brothers in Blood and death. Can we be forgiven? The low voice was getting stronger
“Yes, Lord Christ does forgive us, we need to repent and ask him into our hearts”
Crackling laughter cut Montrez off. “Our Hearts, My is black as any demon and I know you Dancere” The name came out as a sneer. “You have known the abandon of flesh, the dissention of kingdoms and have left a trial of bodies that they will frighten innocent children with for centuries. Montrez feel cold eyes blaze in to his being
He was about to counter but then a calmness came over him. He muttered something in his prayer language.
“We made some wicked choices in the war.” A tear leaked form the corner of his eye. “ I am a servant of Lord Christ. A Christian man. I pray and asked God to forgive me. And he has old friend.” Montrez Smiled warmly. “Even you dear friend have not taken a contract since I came to live at the guild house here. So I do not know what God has in store for you, old friend, but He has a plan for you. And you feel it. You know it.
“You are a Fool” Snapped the Low voice
“No” retorted Montrez.  “No I am not.
“Goodbye Dancere.” Said the Low voice.
“God Bless you Augustus.” Montrez said using his friend’s real name. “You can join me here, you know”
The shadow stopped moving and for an instant Montrez saw his friend. Montrez’s heart went out to him. He knew what was going on inside him. The thought of forgiveness, the freedom from the guilt. The unburdening of sin.
Montrez saw something fall to the floor, as it hit he knew it was the gold.
“Give it to a widow; I have left to many of them.” The voice cracked
“You could give it to one.” Montrez said back to him
“No I couldn’t” the voice was cold and then quickly it open the door to the small room and passed thru it and was gone.
Montrez got up and picked up the gold. He knew of a widow who needed the gold. He thanked God  and prayed for his friend soul and of others he felt complled to pray for. In all his travels and battles, he knew these were where battles were one and lost. Here in prayer.