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Greetings, all!

I write to you with a bit of a frown, having just returned to Real Life™ after a splendid convention with Ember, Rizz, Bowser, LionOfJudah, Exo-Slayer, Eagle, Eagle's girlfriend, Eagle's best friend, Elihu, Eltolad, Sabin, Kraniac, and Tulsa locals. I can't spend long typing now, but wanted to start this thread so other attendees can share about their experiences during the FIRST EVER Christian Gamers Alliance Convention.



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It was awesome - and I'm absolutely thrilled that it turned out the way it did. Paintballing was incredibly fun, swimming was an absolute blast, and the LAN party was great. Not to mention that every night we went out to eat something nice like steaks, spaghetti, etc; and of course a choice of dessert. We (read: Eltolad) rented out a small theater for us and hooked up the consoles to play on the big screen which was really cool. LionOfJudah also led us in a couple of bible studies, and later we even talked about the future of ToJ and CGA. The very last thing we did was watch Shrek2 before we left, and then we said our farewells - it was really hard to leave after I had met so many great people and I only hope next year will be just as fun.


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Gah, how to explain just how fun this past weekend was. Rizz arriving and his luggage, well, not quite making it. The big showdown between Sabin and Rizz in poker...a tie hand BTW...full house for both. Rizz's luggage finally making to us at 1 A.M. (27 hours without sleep makes Rizz something something--go crazy?? ..hehe) LionofJudah and Exo-slayer make their appearance, after Lion gets lost...LOL. Tennis matches while playing Sega Tennis on the Dreamcast. (hey, dont pass judgement til you've tried it 4 player) Rizz and me opening a can of pwnage on Tek and my wife in Tennis...unbeatable, hah...we laugh in the face of any challenge!
Getting to meet Eagle, Sky, and Satellite and LAN with them. Some ultimate pwnage in UT, BFVietnam, Starcraft:broodwar, and Call of Duty. BTW Sky, Eagle's girlfriend, defeated Eltolad in UT..just had to add that tidbit. LionofJudah pwnzr'd us all in Starcraft while Tek just got completely upset about having to hoof if around on BFVietnam half the time while we were playing it. To be honest I think that the pwnage award in UT was a tossup between Rizz and Eagle though....very close every round. Later that night, we went to Fun House (the local arcade) and Eagle and Eltolad showed us how to bust a move on the DDR machines, while Tek showed us his 1337 gator whacking skillz, and I showed Exo-Slayer and Bowser how to race with some uber-kewl cars. We invaded Grace Fellowship Church (Tek's church) on Sunday morning and the service was excellent. I believe that there was a god work done in all of us there, and Bowser was ministered to during the service. Paintballin', well I can only say one thing....we love our boy from England and he has the bruises to prove it now. This was an adrenaline rushing madhouse and we loved it. MosquitoMorte and Crikket joined in for the fun here as we tore though the field blasting each other round after round. Poor Rizz and Bowser went home with more bruises than anyone else....I hope their parents don't think we beat them or anything...:) Sunday night was a blast as we had a theatre reserved by Eltolad and we had console gaming on a theatre screen. There was some serious pwnage going on in Halo by Bowser and LionofJudah, as well as some kewl MarioKart and Sega Tennis rounds happening. There was a big bash on Monday at Sabin's father's house. We BBQ'd and went swimming afterwards...we even got Rizz to join in on the fun for a few rounds of water volleyball!! (he's good too BTW) We again went to the theatre Monday night but this time for another Bible study led by LionofJudah and a great discussion afterwards. It was reall hard to see everyone leave out on Tuesday but I know that we'll have another convention for us all to meet up for again next year!! I am looking forward to it!! Thanks for those who came to visit, for thosr that didn't I hope you do next year, and those that prayed for us while we were here doing our thing..thank you!!


---Quote of the 1st Annual CGA Convention
It's ok, I'm foreign. -Andy Johnson (aka. Rizz)

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[b said:
Quote[/b] (Elihu @ June 02 2004,11:23)][...] while Tek just got completely upset about having to hoof if around on BFVietnam half the time while we were playing it.
Well, I think anyone would get a bit aggravated after walking for two to three minutes only to be killed by some unseen opponent before one could react. Our round of Battlefield: Vietnam was weak, but UT2004 Onslaught and Assault rocked the house.

I'm sure I'll write more as we start collecting photos from everyone who brought a camera to the convention and post them to the CGA gallery. For now, keep reporting in, convention attendees!


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The ultimate cga convention facts list....

(volume 1)
1. Tek has no short term memory.
2. Rizz never reads forum posts longer than 3 scentences (lol)
3. And his reply is usually... you suck, get over it.
4. You should not eat ribs with a knife and fork.
5. Its OK, I'm foreign.
6. You have to be uber 1337 to catch a shark on a dreamcast.
7. When playing paintball.. Its best to go behind cover. (although that guy was an inspiration to us all).
8. People from folrida and texas have real driving issues.. lol
9. LoJ eats constantly. Yet is the smallest guy in the group.
10. Eltolad likes to spend a penny.
11. The English pwn the Scots.
12. Who is under the thumb again?
13. Rizz is scaringly good at things he hasnt played before (volleyball,poker, paintball, UT deathmatch) yet shockingly bad at things hes usually 1337 at.. (oh yeah i went 0-12 on CS)
14. Who is the boss? (LOL)

Please add any other interesting facts and catchphrases from the weekend.


Things I learned this weekend in order of importance.
1. Its ok he's forign.
2. The Scotish own the English in everything.
3. Typing of the dead is addictive and I will own Tek, someday.
4. 90% of CGA lives within 30 feet of Tulsa.
5. LoJ is very enthusiastic about Virtua-Fishing. (that video better get uploaded soon...)
6. 24 hours in a car makes exo go crazy.

Ok time to go shower I will post more as my memory comes back but I just wanted to say it was an awsome weekend and I would love to come back next year.


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dangit u guys have to come to seattle next year.


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1) "What are you wearing?" - Andy's random question to LoJ's big brother in Florida (via cell-phone).


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great one andy great one....


yeah next year we are looking at one of three locations

St. Lious
OUt side of atlanta neat six flags
Pensocola/New Orleans area


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Canadian bacon convention! So long as it is Calgary or Edmonton, w00t!!!

Sounds like you guys had a blast, a real great time. It delights my heart to no end to read these stories and the events of the weekend. Lets see some pictures and please, regail us with more tales of your shananigans!!!!


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St. Luiu might be a good location since it be easyer for me to get there IF i go, i prolly wont be able to come till the 3rd anual convention when i have my license


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what to talk about me roxzoring Andy in paintball in our terminaxrix ownage style.

Me pushing bowser(lee) into the pool then giving him a 5 second head start. diving in and folding him like a pretzel.

Me owning all in dreamcast fishing? wait who has tried it before
oh that must be the tulsa crew

What about Andy mounting the candy machines?
What about the britishmans lost luagage?
What about all the british jokes?

then there was that one time Elihu/Rizz (jon/andy) where unsmart and i got on Jon's computer and did an
Admin_slay LionOfJudah, time to go report some admin abuse

We have the failed attempts at the in-house lan, means no ownage of SC/Bw/Wc3 for me. ( i beat Tek/Elihu WOOT WOOT and i have not played the game in a long long time)

We went to see shrek 2

OO the finding of a rare 1337 book Foundation and Earth. the fight me and Exo had over it (exo*bobby* won that punk) then me spending about 10X what Exo did for the book from Tek7(peter).

What else did we do?


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I showed up only for the StrikeNet bit. (for anyone who was there but doesn't know, I was the one in the yellow shirt and black hat who was younger than everybody else.)

I was going to go to the arcade bit also, but everyone went to Fun House while I went to Celebration Station like the plan said. Oh well, I severely showed up an 8 year old at DDR! Yeah! (that was sarcasm)

I quite enjoyed taking second place to Eagle in UT every match, and also getting killed to death in Starcraft. I also played Call of Duty, which was better than I expected.

Good stuff. We ought to do this every year.

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[b said:
Quote[/b] (kraniac @ June 07 2004,1:16)]I was going to go to the arcade bit also, but everyone went to Fun House while I went to Celebration Station like the plan said.
*smacks everyone who left kraniac behind* I had cut out for a date with Ember, and ended up having to call Elihu and turn around to drive to Fun House instead of Celebration Station. No one told me, either, and I wouldn't have known had I not called.

I apologize for my friends' poor behavior. -_-
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